Best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals In 2021

Gaming on the go? Let's save you some money with these great Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals

With rumors abound of a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch, does that mean that that the Mario-maker’s favorite handheld is in line for a Prime Day price drop. It’s entirely possible that Amazon will shave a few dollars off the price of the console as at least stock is available – well more so than other current consoles at any rate.

What we can pretty much bank on however is some decent deal on Nintendo Switch games and accessories. So be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to see what the PC Guide deals team manages to uncover.

What Nintendo Switch Deals To Expect On Amazon Prime Day?

We are hoping for a decent discount on the console itself but we can definitely expect to see heavy discounts on software from retailers – even though Nintendo isn’t exactly known for its mega price drops. With Zelda – Breath of the Wild about to see a sequel it would be fair to see some cash chopped off that as well as several older popular Nintendo Switch games, especially from third parties.

We have Prime Day covered for you so you don’t need to trawl through pages of listings. Let us do it for you. Just bookmark this page and come back regularly.

Is Amazon Prime Day A Good Time To Buy A Nintendo Switch?

We think yes! Besides Black Friday there aren’t too many other opportunities throughout the year where we can at least foresee a half-decent discount on the NIntendo Switch. Prime Day should also be a decent opportunity to stock up on some new games as you have doubtless hammered through what you already had during the world’s various lockdowns.

With Prime Day taking place on 21-22 June there is only a really limited window to get your hands on something you actually want and we predict that the great items will sell out super-quickly as they did last year – and stock is even lower this year so you will have to be on your toes for sure. Get that alarm clock set. And if you haven’t got an alarm clock, you will definitely be able to get one on Amazon Prime Day as the Echo Show is bound to be reduced – and that’s a great alarm clock!

Amazon Prime Day Alternatives

Other retailers have also jumped on the fact that people are searching for deals on the same day as Amazon Prime Day so it is wholly likely that you will find other sellers knocking cold, hard cash off their price tags. Don’t worry, when we find those we will put them right here on this page too.

Other Best Prime Day 2021 Deals

If you’re looking to explore the other Prime Day 2021 deals, we’ve put together a bunch of other pages to help you out. Here’s a full list so you can get your savings nice and quickly.

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