I’d gladly get probed for these Alienware laptop deals this Prime Day

Two excellent RTX 4080 gaming laptop deals from the legendary Alienware - one for hardcore competitors, the other for immersive gaming

Alienware laptop on a blue background.

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Yes, you read that right: what I’m trying to get across is these Prime Day Alienware laptop deals are so unmissable that if you knew what I did, you’d say the exact same thing. These are not only the most beautiful gaming laptops on the market, but with some of the best build quality, displays, and ergonomic design you’ll find; with core components powerful enough to demolish any game on the highest settings. Read on for all the details!

$365 off this RTX 4080 Alienware laptop deal: The high-res option

For most gamers, this 16-inch Alienware X16 R1 gaming laptop with RTX 4080 graphics card is the perfect pick – it’s even great for creative suse as well. Not only is it a powerhouse in terms of both the graphics card and the Intel Core i9-13900HK processor, but it comes with 32GB of DDR5 RAM plus a 16:10 1600p screen – with great brightness and color replication. Ideal for immersive gaming and for viewing media and color-accurate work. The design on the X16 is fantastic even by Alienware standards – it’s a truly beautiful slimline machine.

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$610 off this RTX 4080 Alienware laptop deal: the FPS competitor’s choice

This Alienware m18 gaming laptop deal has the most ridiculously high refresh rate on a display that we’ve ever seen. As far as we’re aware, there’s not a gaming laptop on the market with a display that can go higher than 480Hz, and even if it could it would frankly be of questionable utility. The RTX 4080 GPU combined with AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX CPU works well to churn out FPS on even the latest AAA games on the highest settings, and if you turn your settings down a notch when playing competitive shooters like CS2 or COD you will be able to reach the 480FPS threshold. Technology can’t overcome major skill issues of course, but liquid smooth gameplay like this will give you the absolute edge over your opponents. For $610 off, this is a terrific purchase.

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Why opt for an Alienware laptop deal this Prime Day?

Alienware laptops have some of the best build quality of any gaming laptop on the market, and they have a unique sci-fi look that doesn’t really have any competitors. As a result, they normally demand a high asking price, to the point where there are usually better value-for-money premium options out there if you’re looking for a pure FPS performer for the money. However, sales like Prime Day often drop the price so substantially that they become well worth picking up – a unique opportunity to get exceptional laptops for an affordable cost.

Laptop specialist Aaron’s final word: I’ve always wanted an Alienware gaming laptop, but they’re usually too expensive for me to justify the cost. With these deals though, these high-end beauties are actually affordable, so you should definitely pick up one of these whilst you can – I doubt you will regret it.