Save Up To 33% Off These Gigabyte Monitors

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Gigabyte Monitor

Gigabyte is known for its high-quality motherboards, graphics cards, and other hardware amongst PC Gamers. It’s no surprise that they also offer some solid gaming monitors too. What’s more? There’s up to 33% off them right now:

The biggest saving here is $100 off the Gigabyte M32Q 32″. The big selling point here is its upgraded KVM functionality. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse, it allows for any PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Handset to be controlled by one set. Normally, KVM is a switch box that has various connections for all devices. With Gigabyte M32Q, this is all built-in and works across most devices instead of being limited to Windows-powered hardware. If you want to switch to your iPad Pro for example, simply plug it into the monitor USB-C port, press the dedicated KVM button and you can now control your iPad Pro.

it’s also a serious gaming monitor. Its QHD 165Hz resolution and refresh rate make sure you’re getting high-quality, seamless gaming. the IPS screen makes scenes pop alongside its amazing color gamut support, you’re getting 94% DCI-P3 (120% sRGB), and HDR 400 for some realistic color pigments. For just shy of $400, buyers are getting a great deal, with some amazing features for a 1440p monitor.

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