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Take Vengeance on your rivals with this RTX 4060 gaming PC deal that just got a $200 Amazon discount

This stylish gaming PC just received its first discount.
Last Updated on June 19, 2024
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The saying goes that vengeance is a dish best served cold, but in this case that would be liquid-cooled courtesy of the Corsair Vengeance gaming PC, a powerful and stylish gaming system designed for gamers and professionals looking for high performance and value for money.

The Vengeance comes equipped with plenty of impressive hardware like the RTX 4060 GPU alongside stylish features like its system-wide RGB lighting to make it stand out as the centerpiece in any gaming setup. According to the price-tracking website we’ve never seen a discount on this product before, but Amazon has stepped in a dropped the price from $1,699.99 down to $1,499.99 – saving you $200.

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Corsair Vengeance gaming PC

Intel Core i5-14600KF, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, 32GB Vengeance RGB DDR5, 1TB M.2 SSD, Liquid Cooling, Black

Why you’ll love the Corsair Vengeance gaming PC

  • Processor: The Intel Core i5-14600KF is a powerful mid-range processor, offering excellent performance for gaming, streaming, and multitasking. Its high core and thread count ensure smooth and responsive operation under heavy loads.
  • Graphics: The RTX 4060 provides great graphics performance for 1080p and 1440p gaming, supporting high settings and smooth frame rates. It also brings advanced features like ray tracing for more immersive visuals.
  • 32GB Vengeance RGB DDR5: The 32GB of DDR5 memory offers high bandwidth and improved performance over DDR4, ensuring fast and efficient multitasking and gaming performance. The RGB lighting adds a customizable aesthetic touch.
  • 1TB M.2 SSD: The 1TB M.2 SSD provides fast load times, quick data access, and ample storage space for games, applications, and media files. This significantly enhances system responsiveness and overall performance.
  • Liquid Cooling: The advanced liquid cooling system effectively dissipates heat, maintaining optimal performance during intensive gaming sessions and preventing thermal throttling. It also operates more quietly than traditional air cooling solutions.
  • Connectivity: The Vengeance comes equipped with multiple USB ports (USB-C, USB-A), HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet, and audio jacks. The variety of ports and advanced wireless technology ensures compatibility with various peripherals and stable internet connections for online gaming and streaming.

What we think of this Corsair Vengeance gaming PC deal

The Corsair Vengeance comes packed with plenty of impressive tech like the Intel Core i5-14600KF processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card that deliver excellent gaming and multitasking performance, allowing for smooth gameplay and efficient content creation. Those more serious gamers or professional Esports players may wish to opt for a system with an even more powerful CPU, but for most users, this PC will be more than adequate, and the addition of the Amazon discount makes this an attractive and good value proposition.

Editor’s pick
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ADVANCED BATTLESTATIONS ABS Aeolian-M Ruby High Performance Gaming PC

AMD Ryzen 5 5600 – GeForce RTX 4060 – DLSS 3 – AI-Powered Performance – 16GB DDR4 3200MHz – 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD – AR56004060
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Save 24% NOW!

Corsair Vengeance i7400 Series Gaming PC

Liquid Cooled Intel Core i5 12600KF CPU – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU – 1TB M.2 SSD – 16GB Vengeance RGB DDR4 Memory – Black
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Save 7% NOW!

HP Victus 15L Gaming Desktop

Intel Core i7-13700 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Wi-Fi, RJ-45, DisplayPort, Wired KB & Mouse, Windows 11 Home, White
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Save 8% NOW!

MSI Aegis ZS Gaming Desktop

AMD Ryzen 7 7700, GeForce RTX 4060, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, RGB Fan Cooling, Wi-Fi 6E, Keyboard & Mouse Included, DIY Friendly, Windows 11 Home-Adv: 7NUC-607US
Save 15% NOW!

CyberpowerPC Gamer Master Gaming PC

AMD Ryzen 5 7600 3.8GHz, GeForce RTX 4060 8GB, 16GB DDR5, 500GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi Ready & Windows 11 Home (GMA2700A)
Save 23% NOW!

ASUS ROG G13CH Gaming Desktop PC

(2024) Gaming Desktop PC, Intel® Core™ i7-13700F, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060 Dual, 1TB NVMe™ PCIe® 4.0 SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Windows 11, G13CH-PS764
Save 30% NOW!

iBUYPOWER TraceMesh Gaming PC Computer Desktop TMA7N4601

AMD Ryzen 7 5700, RTX 4060 8GB, 16GB DDR4 3200 (8×2), 1TB NVMe SSD, WiFi Ready, Windows 11 Home
Save 11% NOW!

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop

Ryzen 7 7700X 4.5 GHz (5.4GHz Turbo Boost), NVIDIA RTX 4060 8GB GDDR6X, 2TB SSD, 16GB DDR5 RAM 5200, 650W GOLD PSU, 360mm ARGB AIO, Wi-Fi, Win 11 Home
Save 10% NOW!

MSI Codex R2 Gaming Desktop

Intel Core i5-14400F, Geforce RTX 4060, 16GB DDR5, 2TB m.2 NVMe SSD, 80+ Gold PSU, WiFi, Keyboard & Mouse, DIY Friendly, Windows 11 Home: 14NUC5-091US
Save 12% NOW!

Corsair Vengeance gaming PC

Intel Core i5-14600KF, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, 32GB Vengeance RGB DDR5, 1TB M.2 SSD, Liquid Cooling, Black

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