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This budget gaming monitor deal just returned to its lowest price ever

Need a gaming upgrade on a budget?
Last Updated on June 24, 2024
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If you’ve been eyeing gaming monitors lately, you’ve probably noticed that prices can get pretty steep, especially when you start looking at high refresh rates and special gaming features. But not everyone needs (or wants to pay for) a 4K HDR beast with all the bells and whistles. Sometimes, you just want a solid monitor that can keep up with fast-paced games without emptying your bank account. That’s where this deal on the LG 27GQ50F-B comes in handy. It’s not the fanciest monitor out there, but it packs some key gaming features into a 27-inch package that won’t break the budget. 

Amazon’s currently running a deal that brings the price of this LG gaming monitor down to $129.99. That’s $40 less than what you’d normally pay, as it typically goes for $169.99. While an 24% discount isn’t exactly massive, it does make this budget-friendly monitor a bit easier on the wallet. 


LG 27GQ50F-B 27 Inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) Ultragear Gaming Monitor

with 165Hz and 1ms Motion Blur Reduction, AMD FreeSync Premium and 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design,Black

Let’s break down the key features to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your gaming needs and budget.

What Does the LG 27GQ50F-B Bring to Your Gaming Setup?

  • 165Hz Refresh Rate: This monitor updates the screen 165 times per second, which is a big step up from standard 60Hz displays. In practical terms, this means smoother motion when you’re playing fast-paced games. It won’t magically make you a pro, but it can help make your gaming experience feel more fluid and responsive.
  • 1ms Motion Blur Reduction: LG’s thrown in a feature to cut down on motion blur. It’s meant to keep things looking crisp when there’s a lot of action on screen. It’s not perfect, but it can help reduce that smearing effect you sometimes see in fast-moving games.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium: If you’re running an AMD graphics card, this monitor can sync up with it to prevent screen tearing. It’s a nice feature to have, especially if you play games where your frame rate tends to fluctuate a lot.
  • 27-inch Full HD Display: At 27 inches, this monitor hits a sweet spot for many gamers – it’s big enough to immerse you in the game, but not so huge that it takes over your desk. The 1080p resolution is decent for this size and price point, though it’s not the sharpest out there.
  • 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design: LG’s trimmed down the bezels on three sides of the screen. It looks sleek and modern, and it’s nice if you want to set up multiple monitors with minimal gaps between them.
  • On-Screen Control: LG’s included some software that lets you tweak monitor settings with your mouse instead of fumbling with buttons on the monitor itself. It’s a small thing, but it can make adjusting settings a lot less of a hassle.
  • Game Mode & Black Stabilizer: There are preset modes for different types of games, which can be handy if you play a variety of genres. The Black Stabilizer feature tries to brighten up dark areas in games. It’s hit or miss depending on the game, but it can sometimes help you spot enemies lurking in the shadows.

Where to Buy the LG 27GQ50F-B Gaming Monitor

The LG 27GQ50F-B is up for grabs on Amazon right now. If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your gaming monitor, this deal might be the nudge you need. It’s not the fanciest screen out there, but it offers some solid gaming features at a price that won’t make your wallet cry.

If you’re interested, it might be worth checking out sooner rather than later. While we can’t predict how long this deal will stick around, gaming monitor discounts tend to come and go pretty quickly. So if you’re in the market for an affordable gaming upgrade, head over to Amazon and take a look. It could be just the budget-friendly boost your setup needs.

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