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Unlucky not to catch any of the steep Black Friday gaming PC discounts? Well, the good news is that you still have another chance. Fortunately, there are still a few deals ready in line for you to quickly snatch up. With a mixture of mid to high-end rigs, you should surely find one that piques your interest. Given the high demand for high-end GPU PC builds, only a few of NVIDIA’s 40 Series-built PCs are among the deals. This would give you the best bet at running your games at high frame rates, with Frame Generation and DLSS 3.

While it may be beneficial for you to directly search for a GPU alone, having a ready-made PC can save you a great deal of time. From new motherboards, RAM, SSDs, and Processors, these last-minute deals contain it all without the need for individual purchases of each. So, while you still have the opportunity, don’t waste it, and catch these last-minute deals as soon as possible.

Last-minute Cyber Monday gaming PC deals

Editor’s pick
Save 45% NOW!

Skytech Gaming Prism II Gaming Computer PC Desktop

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core 3.8GHz, RTX 3080 Ti 12G GDDR6X, 1TB NVMe Gen4 SSD, 16GB DDR4 3200, RGB Fans, 360mm AIO, AC WiFi, Windows 11 Home 64-bit
Editor’s pick
Save 21% NOW!

CLX Set Gaming PC

Intel Core i9 13900KF 3.0GHz, GeForce RTX 4070, 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD, 6TB HDD, 64GB DDR5 RGB Memory, 360mm AIO, WiFi, Windows 11 Home, Black
Save 18% NOW!

MSI Codex R Gaming Desktop 13NUD

Intel Core i7-13700F, GeForce RTX 4060Ti, 16GB DDR5, 2TB M.2 NVMe, 80+ Gold PSU, WiFi 5, Keyboard & Mouse, RGB Lighting, Windows 11 Pro
Save 21% NOW!

CLX Set Gaming PC

Intel Core i9 13900KF 3.0GHz, GeForce RTX 4070, 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD, 6TB HDD, 64GB DDR5 RGB Memory, 360mm AIO, WiFi, Windows 11 Home, Black
Save 16% NOW!

Skytech Gaming Chronos RTX 4070 Gaming PC

Ryzen 7 7700X 4.5 GHz, RTX 4070, 1TB NVME, 32GB DDR5 RAM RGB, 650W Gold PSU Wi-Fi, Win 11 Home, RGB-Keyboard and RGB-Mouse Included

When will there be a new batch of deals for gaming PCs in 2023?

If none of the current last-minute offers appeal to you, expect potential greater deals to appear on the 25th of December, Christmas. With Boxing Day set for the 26th of December, you can almost certainly expect gaming PCs of all kinds to show up with great discounts, even better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you love high-end GPUs, CPUs, and all the other necessary components, missing out on Boxing Day deals will be a huge mistake.

What GPU should you look for when buying a high-end gaming PC

In the Graphics Card department, NVIDIA’s 40 Series and AMD’s Radeon 7000 Series should be your aim. For an incredibly strong level of performance, these cards will provide you with a consistent level of performance. Both NVIDIA and AMD’s technology, utilize Frame Generation, offering you an increased level of frames and overall performance in your intensive games.

If you are not willing to spend a ton even with upcoming Boxing Day deals, an RTX 3080, 3090, or 4070Ti is your best bet. While having Frame Generation and DLSS 3 at your disposal can be a game changer, a selection of NVIDIA 30 Series Graphics Cards are still very much capable of brute-forcing their way toward good performance.