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Are 30 Series Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards Still Worth It?

Should you upgrade or save your money?

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 10, 2023
RTX 30 series
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It’s September, and all gamers out there know what that means. This was the month Nvidia announced that it would release its RTX 4000 series cards.

But if you already own an RTX 30 graphics card, or are looking to upgrade to one, what should you do?

What’s in the new RTX 40?

The RTX 4090 will be released in October 2022, and the company has confirmed it. This new series features the powerful Ada Lovelace 4nm architecture and a massive upgrade to DLSS 3.0.

This new 4000 Series does offer a performance boost ranging from 2x to 4x than high-end 30 Series models, which include RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 4090 Ti. 

The 16GB models (RTX 4090, 4080) will clock at 23Gbps, and the boost clock will be 2505MHz. In contrast, the 12GB RTX models will clock at 21Gbps. 

How much will they cost?

You need to have a look at how much the new series will cost, and we are listing the prices as follows:

Should you go for it or not? 

Apart from the new specs and upgrades, just focus on the industry trends. In the past, there has been an increase of about 50 percent in performance in the new model compared to the previous model.

For instance, you look at RTX 1080 vs 2080 vs 3080, and the price increase from 1080 to 2080 was just a hundred dollars then. But at the time of the 3080 release, the prices increased due to the pandemic and shortage of silicone. 

That’s why Nvidia went with the Ti series, where the performance improvement was minimum for a massive price hike.

Now RTX 30 prices have dropped, while Nvidia is promising 2-4x performance increases with the really pricey RTX 40 series. If you’re looking to upgrade, you’ll find great deals on RTX 30 series cards, that will provide a huge jump in performance on older cards.

If you have an RTX 30 card, then upgrading doesn’t make much sense unless you really need or want the latest, expensive offerings.

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