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How much will Intel Arc cost?

Intel's alchemist cards aren't too pricey - but what does that mean?
Last Updated on October 6, 2022
Intel Arc cost
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Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger has foreseen a future where prices scale uncontrollably. A future where the average price of a mid-range GPU could hardly be afforded by a mid-range user. Will what Intel Arc costs address this imbalance?

Intel has seemingly decided to change this discrete-dollar-dystopia and decided to change everything by stating the Intel Arc A770 will cost $329.

According to the Intel CEO’s statement, the average price of a GPU in the mid-range market, which could be equal to an RTX 3060, has doubled in the last two years.

Right now, according to Newegg.com stock, the normal price for an RTX 3060 in retail is around $400, which is a high price for a GPU at this level. Intel’s Arc GPUs are hoping to “fix” this current and future issue.

Intel Arc costs

For example, the Intel Arc A770 will be released on October 12 at a starting price of $329. Along with a ‘limited edition’ of $349 – although Limited Edition just means that it’s Intel built. It’s not limited.

But, on their own, these Intel Arc costs are fairly incredible, and could “balance the market” if performance matches up.

Not happy with this change alone, the A750 Intel Arc will cost $289 and be released on the same date. And it looks like we could be talking about real change. 

This could mean more affordable GPUs for gamers and also better bang-for-buck. In fact, in a direct comparison against the RTX 3060, the new Arc A770 purportedly offers a 42% greater performance per dollar.

The Arc A750 is reportedly 53% better on the same dollar/performance basis (normalized across DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and Vulkan).

However, official comparisons to other cards don’t include AMD’s RX 6000 series, which is a big factor when considering Intel Arc costs and direct competitors. And with RDNA 3 readying itself it’s hard to say where Arc will land.

But it seems Intel is listening to the public. The launch of the whole Arc GPU family, more than a technical advance, is a statement that talks to the people, to actual gamers, and maybe to competitors too.

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