RTX 4070 Ti release time prediction

It's not far away, and we tell you when you need to be ready for

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The RTX 4070 Ti release time will be key should you want to pick up the new 40-series card. So here’s when we’re expecting the new SKU to appear, plus all the information and links you need to help secure the card at launch.

We’re anticipating the 4070 Ti’s release time on Thursday, January 5th to be 6 am PST. That’s 9 am EST for anyone on the east coast of the US, or 2 pm GMT for UK shoppers looking to snap up the new card. To summarize:

  • January 5th, 6 am PST / 9am EST / 2pm GMT


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The card itself was confirmed on Tuesday 3rd January, at Nvidia’s GeForce Beyond event, delivered during the CES show in Las Vegas. With the official reveal, we’ve been told the official release date and the 4070 Ti price too of $799.

Get ready for launch

Although there’s no official word on when the actual time of release will be for the newcomer, our predicted 4070 Ti release times are usually the times that stock tends to appear across key retailers. That’s based on previous 40-series cards being from Nvidia and was true for the 4090 and 4080.

One thing is for certain, it’s sensible to set your alarm with a relevant timezone adjustment, to ensure you’re in with a shout of getting the new card.

If you are shopping for the mid-range option, be sure to check out our RTX 4070 Ti where to buy piece. It has the key links you’ll need – and it will be updated on Thursday 5th with the latest direct and available stock links. We’d suggest bookmarking the page for easier access when the RTX 4070 Ti release time arrives.

Will the RTX 4070 Ti be worth it?

Not an easy question to answer, because, frankly, no new-gen graphics cards are cheap right now. Even though AMD’s RX 7000 series have MSRPs below the $1,000 mark, the cheaper 7900 XT is still $899.

The RTX 4070 Ti’s MSRP is the cheapest of Nvidia’s new deck (so far), is $100 below the 7900 XT, and may well outperform the more expensive card too. But, in terms of performance per watt, and total features, AMD’s smaller sibling may well take an overall victory. We’ll need to wait for verified benchmarks.

Of course, if you don’t need 4K graphics, DLSS, and the highest mid-range performance available, the answer is probably negative. Also, if you don’t want to spend $800 on a new graphics card, you can still get great 1440p gaming performance elsewhere for less.