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Best RTX 2070 Super Graphics Card 2023

Which RTX 2070 Super to buy? Here are our top picks
Last Updated on May 2, 2023
Best RTX 2070 Super Graphics Card

Looking for the best RTX 2070 Super? We’ve got you covered right here with our top picks available right now.

After we’ve covered our top five picks, each with their own mini RTX 2070 Super review, we’re going to proceed to the need-to-know information. This includes the difference between RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 Super, as well as performance information and our advice for picking the right version of the card for your needs.

Whether you want the cheapest 2070 Super on the market or the absolute best, we have you covered! It’s time to find the best RTX 2070 Super.

Note: If you want to see our best graphics cards overall, then check out our guide here. Also, you can check out our budget graphics cards right here.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Superb cooling performance
  • USB-C support and RGB
  • Fairly long and thick
  • Higher price than other models

If space inside your PC isn’t a concern, chances are you’re looking for more power. Specifically, cooling power.

If that sounds like you, then the EVGA XC Ultra is a great pick. You get a massive three-slot, dual-fan cooler design, which is sure to outperform the cooling capacity of all the previous cards on this list. You also have the added benefit of a fairly high factory OC, which you can push even higher on your own if you want to make the most of that cooling.

Additionally, you aren’t lacking in extra features here. The transparent cooling shroud offers full RGB lighting, and the card itself offers a USB-C port for VR headsets. This will enable you to more easily set up your PC for the best in VR gaming, which the RTX 2070 Super is more than enough to power.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides here. For one, this card will come at a higher price than the previous entries on this list. Secondly, it’s also fairly long and fairly thick, which means it’s much less ideal for petite ITX builds or other space-constrained setups.

  • Great cooling performance
  • Strong factory OC
  • USB-C
  • One of the longest cards on this list

We think the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super WINDFORCE OC is one of the best on the market and with good reason. Not only is it a super powerful card, especially for the price, but it features incredible cooling performance thanks to its three fans.

This is the type of card that’ll serve you well if you’re planning on overclocking, and paired with the best case for airflow you should be able to do so with confidence that things won’t get too heated under the hood. That being said, make sure your PC case has enough room, as this does happen to be quite long.

  • Excellent cooling
  • Good overclocking potential
  • Large

This card from ASUS ROG has lots of power words crushed into its title like Super, advanced and Overclocked. More important is the 8G GDDR6 and three large cooling fans bolted too it making it ideal for pushing that overclock to the limits.

Supporting up to four monitors and a direct VR USB C connection it’s not lacking in the ports department either. In fact, this is a very good choice – as long as you have the case to handle the size of it.

ASUS ROG is popular with gamers for good reason and many will flock to this card on brand alone. They won’t be disappointed though as with considerate tweaking you can get it to go just about faster than any other 2070 Super on the market today. Recommended.

  • Lowest price
  • Medium-sized
  • Low factory OC
  • No USB-C

Let’s say you want the cheapest RTX 2070 Super there is, and you don’t really care about VirtualLink support. If that sounds like you, then the ZOTAC Gaming Twin Fan RTX 2070 Super is a great pick!

At the time of writing, this is one of the cheapest RTX 2070 Supers available on Amazon. It comes from a reputable manufacturer, it’s not too small or too big, and it has a good enough cooling system to push it beyond its meager factory OC. All-in-all, you can’t really complain for the price point.

Unless you don’t want to overclock, in which case the low factory OC might be a problem. Or if you’re a VR fanatic, in which case not having a VirtualLink USB-C port will make setting up your VR headset just a little bit more of a pain in the rear.

As long as these issues don’t bother you, we wholeheartedly recommend this card. If they do, continue on! We have four more cards for you to look at.

How to choose the best RTX 2070 super

There are couple key considerations we think are worth factoring in when looking for the best RTX 2070 Super. Let’s take a closer look.

Width and length

Width and length are the physical dimensions of the card, and will determine whether or not it will actually fit inside your system.

The width of a GPU is measured in PCI Express slots, with 2 being standard for graphics cards. Unless your other slots are occupied or you’re building in a mini ITX case with no airflow beneath the motherboard, you should be fine with even a 3-slot card on your motherboard.

What’s more important is the length, which is measured in millimeters. This covers the longest side of the graphics card and is the most common cause of GPU incompatibility, especially in smaller ITX cases. Be sure to consult your case specs or measure the available space yourself before purchasing a card.

Display connectors and USB-C

Last but not least, let’s talk the display connectors on the back of your GPU.

The most common one is DisplayPort, which is primarily a PC and monitor technology. You’ll usually get 3 of these with an RTX 2070 Super.

The next most-common one is HDMI, which is primarily a TV technology. There will always be at least one of these ports on an RTX 2070 Super, but usually no more than that. The advantage of DisplayPort over HDMI would be its superior support for PC-oriented features, like FreeSync and G-Sync.

You may also see a USB-C connector. This is for VirtualLink and VR headset compatibility, enabling a VR setup with much fewer troublesome cords to deal with.

RTX 2070 vs RTX 2070 Super, what's the difference?

Nvidia claims up to a 24% performance improvement when compared to the RTX 2070, but this is a bit exaggerated. In real-world gaming scenarios in the highest-end games, though, these gains are more marginal– typically in the range of 10 or so FPS.

Unlike with the 2060 Super, which trades blows with the original 2070, this card does not leap up a tier and mostly just provides marginal improvements. That isn’t a bad thing, though– especially since it’s actually cheaper than the original 2070 was at launch.

If you’re tempted to just buy an RTX 2070, we have bad news: that option is rapidly disappearing.

Once the current RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 stocks deplete, those cards will be permanently replaced by their Super versions, which each provide small performance boosts. If you do search for an RTX 2070, make sure it costs significantly less than the Super’s $499 MSRP if you want to get a good bang for your money.

(You can also just consider the RTX 2060 Super instead, which is brand new and already up to $100 cheaper.)

Are RTX 2070 Super GPUs good for gaming?

The RTX 2070 Super is built to play 1440p games at high-to-max settings and 100+ FPS, but some games may require settings drops to maintain 60.

For native 4K gaming, anywhere from 40-50 FPS can be achieved with high-to-max settings, but this can also be reduced to 30 in the most extreme scenarios. We recommend using resolution scaling and lowering extraneous settings for gaming at 4K with this GPU… and in general.

As far as 1080p gaming and VR goes, these are both scenarios where the RTX 2070 Super boasts more than enough power to succeed. In 1080p, though, you’ve reached the point where you are much more likely to be CPU-bound than GPU-bound, so make sure you have a powerful enough CPU if your goal is high refresh (144 Hz+) gaming.

A note on clock speeds

Each of these cards ship with differing clock speeds based on the factory overclock provided by the manufacturer.

While it’s true that overclocking will increase performance, fundamentally-speaking, these are all the same GPU chip. Don’t expect massive performance gaps between different versions of the RTX 2070 Super based on their factory clocks– the main utility of a high factory OC is saving you the trouble of overclocking the card yourself.

If you want the best experience with minimal tweaking, opt for higher factory OCs. If you’re comfortable with an OC program, though, don’t base your purchasing decision on this metric.

Is the RTX 2070 Super better than a RTX 3060?

From tests, the RTX 2070 Super is roughly 15% faster than the RTX 3060. However, it costs significantly more than the newer generation GPU. From a price-to-performance standpoint, the RTX 3060 is the better graphics card.

Our Verdict

The EVGA card is a great card if your setup can handle it. The transparent shroud and RGB ice the cake on a card that you will be proud to show iff in your build. It comes with a decent factory overclock to get you started but this can still be pushed further. 2070 Super cards are a great way to get into the likes of RTX gaming, especially the new Minecraft RTX mode.

If a 2080 TI isn’t for your wallet, this range will certainly see you through the coming year or so.

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