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Best Third-Party RTX 3000 Series Graphics Cards in 2024

Last Updated on February 6, 2024
Nvidia RTX 3000 series graphics cards

Many have long awaited the release of RTX 3000 series of graphics cards with their Ampere architecture, increase in performance, and respectable prices. As with any RTX graphics card release, you can get your hands on the NVIDIA variant but other third-party companies such as MSI, ASUS, and more produce their own takes, sometimes with better features.

We’re going to take a look at the best of the third-party RTX 3000 series graphics cards, including the RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090, providing you with all the information we have around the specs, features, and how you can get your order in on one of these impressive pieces of kit.

RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and RTX 3070 graphics card specs

With the RTX 3000 series range just announced, we only have little information to go off, especially from the third-party retailers. However, what we do have is a breakdown of all of the core specs from the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and RTX 3070 graphics cards.

As you can see they’re going to be on a whole other level compared to the previous iteration and with additional third-party enhancements, could stretch performance even further.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best Third-Party RTX 3000 Series Graphics Cards in 2024

  • Unique cooling approach
  • Vibrant RGB
  • Expensive

When Gigabyte puts their name on a graphics card, you know you’re getting quality. With 2080 Ti options being classed as the best on the market for a number of individuals, there’s no reason why their AORUS XTREME RTX 3090 can’t be much different.

Gigabyte AORUS graphics cards are known for some serious power and cooling and this XTREME variant of the RTX 3090 certainly has it in spades. It utilizes a unique blade stack approach to its cooling with a wind claw design and alternate spinning fans, so the air pressure can completely cover the heatsink. There’s some pretty nice RGB lighting too, subtle, yet vibrant, making it one of the best graphics cards to put into either a brand new gaming PC or upgrading your old machine.

  • Top cooling
  • RGB lighting
  • Customer service can be iffy

MSI produces some really top RTX graphics cards which some say have the best aesthetics and fantastic cooling. Their RTX 3080 GAMING TRIO X certainly follows that trend with an almost carbon fibre look coupled with chrome MSI logos on each of the fans. Not only this but there’s RGB lighting built into the card, fitting perfectly into any gaming rig. Looking deeper into those fans, you’ll be taking advantage of TORX 4.0 technology, funneling air into the updated TRI FROZR 2 cooling system.

There’s one reason and one reason only you’re picking up one of these brand new RTX 3000 series graphics cards and that’s for gaming. With a name like GAMING X TRIO, this MSI RTX 3080 won’t disappoint, boasting all of the top of the line performance you’d expect while also having that trademark cooling MSI are known for included.

  • More budget friendly
  • Interesting design
  • Not one of the 'top' brands

If you’re relatively new to the whole GPU scene, PALIT might not be at the top of your agenda when researching. But, they produce some pretty stellar graphics cards and great prices. One of their takes on the RTX 3070 is the GAMING PRO OC that details some serious performance without the price tag you’d expect. It uses a Triple A Die Casting Plate Kit and Advanced TurboFan 3.0 for optimal cooling as well as 0-dB Tech keeping it as silent as possible.

While it will do an incredible job for gaming with its 24 GB of G6X memory, it also has a really unique look that some may find very appealing. It, of course, has three cooling fans but two of these are semi-hidden due to the metal frame which houses RGB elements.

Things To Consider


Now, these RTX 3000 series graphics cards have only just been announced so why would you need to think about the future? Well, before dropping a large sum on one of these GPUs, think about your gaming in later years. Yes, purchasing a more budget option like the RTX 3070 will work fine for the next couple of years but with games and the technology behind them developing at such an alarming rate, it might just be worth spending big now on the RTX 3090 so you’ll be good to go well into 8K territory.

These graphics cards are a bit on the pricey side so if budget is a concern check out our best budget graphic card picks.

Which 3000 series GPU is best for gaming?

The RTX 3090 is the best graphics card for gaming it is the most powerful out of this generation. This comes at a cost however, it is also the most expensive.

Will 4070 be better than 3080?

While the RTX 3080 may have more processing power and better memory performance, making it better for gaming, the RTX 4070 offers more VRAM, improved power efficiency, and a lower price point.

Our Verdict

Of course, choosing your RTX 3000 series graphics card could all be down to personal preference so if our above picks don’t jump out to you as your go-tos, we have a full list of third-party RTX 3000 series graphics cards as well as NVIDIA’s own here.