Is There Going To Be An RTX 4000 Series?

We get you up to speed on Nvidia's latest range of graphics cards

Is there an RTX 4000 series

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There’s been a big development in news from Nvidia GeForce. The RTX 3000 Series was a performance improvement from its predecessor series. And with the RTX 4000 series now announced, we can expect it to be even better.

When Will They Release the RTX 4000 Series? 

The RTX 4000 series announcement was made on Tuesday, September 2022, that the RTX 4090 and two versions of the RTX 4080 would be launching in the coming months.

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There had been a lot of rumors around the release of this generation of GPUs by Nvidia. But there had been many delay rumors as well. In addition, Nvidia may have a difficult time dealing with the competition if AMD comes up with any RDNA 3 releases in 2022.

Previously, Nvidia had asked TSMC to reduce some 5nm wafer orders. But TSMC didn’t accept it and only agreed to a delay of just one quarter on shipments.

Moreover, Nvidia has begun RTX 3080 production again. The company is trying to finish its Ampere stock as soon as possible to bring in its new ADA RTX 4000 GPU series. 

Are There Any Release Dates?

Since the announcement, we now know that the RTX 4090 card will be released on October 12. The RTX 4080 (12GB and 16GB models) will be released in November.

Rumors suggest that RTX ‘4070’ and ‘4060’ variants on the ADA architecture will follow in early 2023. By 2024, the Ampere Next or RTX 5000 series may be on the roadmap.

What’s Nvidia Stopgap to Deal with the Competition?

Currently, Nvidia has announced three high-end cards models, and should AMD release new GPUs in the interim, there is plenty of RTX 3000 series stock that users may buy at reduced prices.

The RTX 3070 Ti, 3080 Ti, and 3090 Ti offer additional performance options to compete against new cards from AMD.

However, if AMD launches a new series in a sweet spot, and with impressive performance, Nvidia could be left with lots of old stock. And new, but very expensive cards that aren’t viable for most.


Without a doubt, the RTX 4000 series marks a big shift in the graphics card landscape. Nvidia is making its moves, but will only have three higher-performance cards out this year.

If its competition comes up with new GPUs before more affordable RTX 4000 cards arrive, it could be a tricky period for Nvidia.