Should I wait for RDNA 3?

Both Intel and Nvidia debuted highly interesting new GPUs, but would it be better to wait for RDNA 3 via AMD

Should I wait for RDNA 3?

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AMD has been focusing on power efficiency and performance upgrades for the last few years. We saw it with the solid results underpinning RDNA 2 GPUs and we may well see it far improved with AMD’s RX 7000 series, which begs the question: should I wait for RDNA 3?

Technology is advancing fast and AMD is at the vanguard of card innovation. In a press release, the brand stated that its new RDNA 3 architecture will be able to provide a 50% increase in performance per watt over RDNA 2. If we add that 50% performance increase to the predicted prices for the new RX 7000 series, it will be a wise choice to wait for RDNA 3.

In their article post, AMD talks about what it considers important for the upcoming GPUs. The organization is extremely worried about Performance Per Watt and how that metric affects gamers and the entire world.

Why is Performance Per Watt important?

According to AMD, the demand for more realistic and immersive gaming will continuously increase, pushing the boundaries of actual technology. For that reason, video games are constantly needing more and more power. Features like raytracing, variable-rate shading, and advanced upscaling technologies are the main enhancements that allow gamers to feel fulfilled while gaming.

The ever-rising power requirements from graphics cards are starting to become a problem for gamers and content creators. The more technological enhancements include in its GPUs, the more power they will require. Thus, you’ll end up with an incredibly loud and large computer that eats up all of your resources while your energy bill keeps increasing.

AMD maintains that tech companies need to figure out a way to create more powerful machines that take up less power. This is why AMD is focusing hard on performance-per-watt. Under that metric, we will be able to determine how good a GPU is based on its efficiency and efficacy, so they will support more enhancements while eating less energy.


If you’re in the market for a new GPU, thinking of an RX 6900 XT or 6950 XT, you should save your money and wait until AMD debuts its new RX 7000 series and get your hand on one of those. You’ll end up with a more future-proof GPU, which boasts a 50% performance improvement. Even if you’re looking to purchase an entry-level GPU, the amount of power you’ll get per buck will increase heavily once the new graphics cards drop.