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Where to buy RTX 4070 – expected retailers

Stock and availability expectations for the upcoming RTX 4070
Last Updated on April 13, 2023
RTX 4060 ti release date
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The launch of the RTX 40 series is now upon us. If you’re looking for the best place to buy RTX 4070 graphics cards you’re in the right place. It’s that time again when Nvidia unveils its latest and greatest video card generation, and those gamers wanting the best price-to-performance ratio will have the mid-range in mind.

We’ve utilized our prior graphics card launch experiences to give you everything you need to know about where to buy RTX 4070 models at launch. We’re also considering all the trusted retailers available in the US, the UK, and Canada. It’s going to be another huge year for hardware launches, especially from the best graphics cards, and the RTX 4070 fills out the growing RTX 40-series.

RTX 4000 series cards

The RTX 4070 isn’t the only graphics card we’re expecting to debut, as we’re also expecting representation from the mid-to-low-tier models as well. It’s highly likely that the higher-end card will release first in this order:

It’s unclear when these other cards may be released, but it will certainly prove interesting to see lowe-end 40-series card enter the market, as AMD is also working on more affordable RX 7000 series options

RTX 4070 release date

It’s now confirmed that the RTX 4070 will arrive on April 13 – we’re expecting 9am EST / 2pm GMT – with reviews now available in the public domain indicating performance at and above that of the RTX 3080 on a range of games. Given the fact that if you want to buy an RTX 4070, you’ll be looking at $100 less than the 3080 MSRP, that’s impressive. It’s also worth remembering that the RTX 3070 has been around some time now and the 4070 proves a clear performance improvement.

RTX 4070 price

Considering that the RTX 3070 launched with an MSRP of $499, the RTX 4070 price point of $599 MSRP makes sense. Don’t forget that you should pay this amount for the RTX 4070 Founders Edition and cards without modification. Meanwhile, overclocked cards and those with extra cooling will be pricier (see below).

Keep in mind that the RTX 4070 will outperform its Ampere counterpart significantly, with the performance increase likely to be carried out in the asking price. Expect great 1440p performance from this card, and for it to handle games for the foreseeable future.

Below, you’ll find reliable and trusted retailer links to where to buy RTX 4070 when the hotly anticipated GPU launches.

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How powerful could the RTX 4070 be?

There’s been no official word on the RTX 4070 specs, however, it’s likely that the Ada GPU will perform around 60% better than its Ampere equivalent. Some sources, such as hardware site TechPowerUp, have suggested that the RTX 4070 could feature 12GB GDDR6X memory, 7,680 CUDA cores, and a 192-bit memory bus clocked at 2310 MHz on the AD104 Lovelace architecture.

Will the RTX 4070 beat the RTX 3080?

Considering that the mainstream Ampere graphics card, the RTX 3060 Ti, beat the previous Turing flagship, we’re confident in saying that the RTX 4070 will outperform the RTX 3080. This is because of the Lovelace architecture, as the new cards are built upon a 5nm process AD104 die.

When will the RTX 4070 come out?

We believe that the RTX 4070 will come out sometime soon, potentially on April 13th per various rumors. Reviews could be unveiled a day prior, making buying decisions that much easier depending on upgrade potentials.

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