How To Hide IP Address

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When surfing the internet, our privacy is the most important aspect we have to consider. Our personal data can be exposed and people with bad intentions might profit from this situation. Hackers are also looking for this address as it gives them the opportunity to infiltrate your network easier. 

There are various reasons why someone might want to hide their IP address. While it is perfectly legal to do so, using a false one for commercial purposes is not. If you are simply worried about your own privacy and safety online, there are a couple of methods you can follow in order to be protected and browse stress-free.

In this article, we will provide you with 4 effective methods that can hide your IP address. All of them will get you the same result and you can apply the one that seems to be the easiest for you.

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A virtual private network allows you to browse the internet with a fake IP address while your real one is hidden. This is a method that works for any device that can connect to the internet. Whether you have a computer or a smartphone, you can connect to a VPN regardless of the operating system. 

A significant advantage of using a VPN is that it also changes your geographical location and it gives you the opportunity to access content that is banned in some countries. You can also disguise your location with this service, which is preferred by many. 

There are several providers that offer their own VPN and some companies will also include antivirus in their package. While the process is simple and the VPN service is easy to understand, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before applying this method.



Proxies are very similar to VPNs but they lack the security provided by them. While VPN providers will charge you a monthly fee for this service, proxies are entirely free and you can use them anywhere. However, be advised that they do not provide the additional security systems offered by VPNs.

Proxies will only disguise your real IP address and hide your identity while you are surfing the internet but you are still at risk of being attacked. There are several browser extensions that can give you the power of changing proxies. While they are effective and easy to use, they won’t warn you when a hacker is attacking you.

This method is also useful when you want a quick solution and don’t have the time necessary to set up a VPN connection. Usually, this is done instantly and you won’t need to pull out your credit card either. If you know you are about to enter a website that might expose your IP address, quickly setting up a proxy is the best solution. 

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Ask your Internet Service Provider

The company that provides you with the internet has the power to change your own IP address for you. You can call them directly and ask for this solution personally. In most cases, they will be happy to assist you with no questions asked.

However, some less friendly providers might ask you additional questions or simply refuse to do this operation for you. While there are other methods you can try, always remember that you cannot hide your real IP address from your own internet service provider.

Even when you use a proxy or a VPN, they are still able to see your real IP address. However, your private information is confidential and they are storing them in safe conditions. They are only released to the authorities in case there is a suspicion on your network.


Use the Tor browser

Tor is well-known in the online world for being the most secure internet browser currently available. Its creators designed it for the military and intelligence services, so the security levels are exceptional. Lately, it has been released to the public as well and everyone can access this browser from their own computer.

While this method gives you enough security and confidence about your safety, there are some risks involved as well. This browser is also used by criminals that operate on the dark web, which you might reach unintentionally. There are several illegal activities held there, and they are all accessed through the Tor browser. 

This method is highly effective and it can hide your IP address while you are surfing the internet. The high-security systems are more than enough to stop you from worrying about your privacy online. But the risk of stumbling upon an illegal website might be too high for some people which prefer to stay away from it.


Now you learned how to hide your IP address when you are browsing the internet worried about your privacy. Many people do this as they realize how their own data is getting exposed.

Hiding your IP address is completely legal and anyone can do it. This service is available for most users, and in some cases it is strongly recommended. Hackers will have a hard time trying to attack someone that has their IP hidden. Big companies will also struggle to collect data from their users that value their privacy and hide their identity online.

There are some specific cases where changing your geographical location is also useful. This way, you can protect your privacy while also getting the opportunity to access exclusive content available for a specific country only.

Your physical location can also be exposed by anyone who knows your IP address. It can be run through a lookup service which will reveal several details about you that are gathered from your network. At this point, your safety is at risk and it is a good time to consider hiding your IP address from anyone that can access it. 

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