AVG Internet Security Review

A review to see whether AVG Internet Security is worth the money or you should stick to the basic plan.

AVG Internet Security packs offer excellent protection against a plethora of viruses, keeping your computer and data safe and protected at all times. AVG Internet Security is a step up from the basic package that AVG offers, introducing many more features that protect you from all angles.

This even comes with webcam protection as well as Android and iOS features depending on the operating system you use. AVG previously got somewhat of a poor reputation due to how the software affected the performance of your computer, but AVG has successfully worked on this and now you will hardly notice AVG Internet Security running in the background.

However, there are still a few drawbacks that annoy the users such as the constant adverts for additional purchases. Today we’re going to be looking at AVG Internet Security and whether it’s worth your purchase.


User Interface

The user interface for AVG Internet Security is similar to that of the free package for AVG’s antivirus protection. So, if you’ve used that already you won’t have any issues using the user interface of your new package.

The user interface could not be easier to use. There are five main sections in which you can enter to change various settings about your protection. While the basic protection offers you general computer protection and web and email protection, the full package includes that of the basic package as well as hacker attacks, privacy settings, and payments.

A smart scan can be triggered with a simple click of a button and will scan your computer for malware that is active. It also looks for unsecured browser extensions, which are a common threat of viruses for many computers.

Unsecured browser extensions can be masked as helpful additions and therefore downloaded by a lot of unsuspecting users, but in reality, it is a gateway for viruses to be downloaded onto your computer. AVG Internet Security checking for these is an excellent feature.

The smart scan also checks for performance issues and whether or not any of your files include sensitive information that can be exposed easily. Overall, the user interface is very easy to use and features lots of interesting abilities for you to utilize to keep your data safe.


AVG Internet Security offers five sections of antivirus protection, two of which are already available in the basic plan that is free to download. If you’ve already experienced the basic plan then you will know how Computer and Web and Email protection works.

For this reason, we’ll be focusing mostly on the additional protection that you can get with the AVG Internet Security full package.

Hacker Attacks

AVG Internet Security’s most interesting addition is the security against hacker attacks, which featured three subsections – firewall, remote access shield, and a password protection tool.

On average, hacker attacks occur every 39 seconds. You never think that it will happen to you until it does, which is why this security addition on AVG Internet Security is such a blessing in disguise.

The firewall is designed to prevent hacker attacks on your computer, both from the inside and outside. As we mentioned earlier, it’s easier to let hackers into your computer than many people realize. So, a firewall that protects from all angles is helpful.

Remote access shield allows you to prevent unauthorized connection attempts into your PC, preventing hackers from remotely entering your files. The password protection tool ensures that your passwords are secured even if you’ve saved them to your browser.

Even if a hacker was able to get into your computer, the inability to access your passwords will let them do very little or view much of your information as they were hoping for. These three features offer excellent protection from hackers.


We were very intrigued by the privacy setting of AVG Internet Security as it features webcam protection. We were as unsettled as everyone else to learn that just because the webcam light is not on, doesn’t mean that it’s not in use.

You also don’t have to allow the webcam to be running for it to be usable. This means that webcam spyware can allow people to watch you through your webcam without your knowledge.

The fact that AVG Internet Security offers protection from webcam spyware is a great comfort for many people who are worried about being watched in their own houses. There are three preferences for webcam protection – smart mode, strict mode, and no mercy mode.

Smart mode is the default option and allows trusted programs to use the webcam but asks your permission for unknown programs to use it. Strict mode calls for your permission to use the webcam with any program wanting to use it. No mercy mode means that no apps can use the webcam at all.

The privacy section of AVG Internet Security also features a sensitive data shield that can protect your documents with important information from any unknown sources. This is beneficial if your banking details are stored on your computer, as well as other things of the same level of importance.


The final additional feature of AVG Internet Security is the payments section, otherwise shown as the fake website shield. This protects you from being directed to a fake website from DNS attacks.

A DNS attack is one where a hacker takes advantage of unsuspecting internet users with the help of the domain name system. This leads the user to think that they are being taken to a secure website that is actually a fake site.


AVG Internet Security used to put quite a strain on the overall performance of your computer, but this is no longer a threat that should be avoided. Unfortunately, if a security system puts too much of a lag on your computer, you’re much more likely to turn it off and continue using your computer unprotected.

Security protectors don’t want you to do this, both to keep you safe and to keep you paying for their services. So, the majority of them have found a way to keep your computer from lagging while keeping your data safe. However, this does not mean that there is no difference in the performance.

It is not all that surprising really when you consider the fact that there are several layers of security watching over everything your computer does at all times. On average a script took a long time of around 3% with AVG Internet Security installed than it would have taken without.

In the past, AVG Internet Security has slowed a single script down by an incredible 29%, so the newer result is a much-welcomed change. AVG Internet Security also has no real effect on the time taken to reboot a system, although the scans do take a considerable amount of time and slow down the computer more obviously.

Overall, AVG has made some impressive changes to how technology affects computer performance. This makes it much easier for you to remain protected without your slower computer annoying you to the point of turning your antivirus off.

Incessant Upselling Attempts

Something as appealing as AVG Internet Security has to have a drawback or two right? Many users have found the constant upselling attempts to be very annoying to the point of interfering with their computer usage.

A common example is the fact that you have to pay to fix problems found with the performance scan. The cost is not too extravagant at $3.49, but we find it odd that you have to pay when you’re already paying for the additional protection.

There is also the option to pay an additional $3.99 a month to fix privacy issues that AVG Internet Security has found. Again, as you’re already paying for the service, we think that it is unnecessary to pay more on top of that.

Another thing to note is that AVG Internet Security will tell you that they found four privacy issues with your computer and you can fix them for an additional payment, but this pop-up is experienced by everyone. This is quite dishonest on AVG’s part in our opinion.


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Our Verdict


AVG Internet Security

Solid choice for AV


Overall, AVG Internet Security is a great option for many who want well-rounded protection on their computer. This expansion of the basic plan gives you many more features that help you and your family to stay safe online.

The performance of your computer will not falter too drastically with this security system installed. The only issue that we have with AVG Internet Security is the upselling, but if you can get past this then you won’t be disappointed with your coverage.

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