Trend Micro Internet Security

In this article we have discussed Trend Micro Internet Security to find out whether this award-winning company is trustworthy and reliable.

When it comes to internet browsing, your safety and the protection of your personal data and information is paramount. If you do not already have antivirus software in place, you are at a very high risk of your computer becoming riddled with viruses.

Over the years, hackers and those who spy on people’s information online have become clever in how they operate. Things such as location and IP address tracking exist, and it is very easy for hackers and companies to gain an understanding of your personal information and browsing history.

While some people still assume that operating systems such as Mac cannot fall victim to hackers and viruses, this is not true. Given this, it is so important that you download and regularly use antivirus software.

Though there are free options available to download, these will limit you in the amount of protection that they provide. Given this, we would always recommend choosing a reliable, well known, and trusted, paid for antivirus software. This will help to keep you far safer when using the internet.

As there are so many choices available, it can be difficult to know which is the most suitable choice for you. To help you with this decision, in this article we have focused on one antivirus software company in particular – Trend Micro Internet Security.

We will be taking a closer look at their software to find out whether it is worth purchasing, and if they can be trusted as a company, so you do not have to.


What Is Internet Security?

Before you consider purchasing internet security, it is important to have a better understanding of what internet security is, and how it helps to keep you safe online.

Internet security is not one singular aspect, it is a term that is used to group together the different ways in which a program can help to protect your online activity. Internet security encompasses things such as protecting your online transactions, helping to remove and prevent viruses, hackers, and malware, and ensure that the connections you are trying to make are secure.

As we have mentioned above, your data should always remain private and safe when online, and your internet security will help to protect this. Without internet security, you are at a high risk of your information becoming available to hackers, and you are leaving yourself and your information open to attack.

To give an analogy, using the internet without having internet security, is like having an expensive TV in your doorway, and leaving the front door wide open at night.

Trend Micro Company Background Information

Before choosing an internet security company you should always look into their background information and values, to find out whether they are a trustworthy company.

Trend Micro is a popular internet security company, and they are one of the leaders in global cybersecurity. Their software is used by over 500,000 businesses. Over 250 million individuals put their trust in the company’s security yearly. Given this, they have proven to be successful in providing security and protection.

Their software works well across a number of different platforms, such as Google, Apple, AWS, and Microsoft. They operate in over 65 countries across the globe, and they are recognized for their work by internet security experts.

From carrying out our own research and testing Trend Micro’s internet security, we would recommend them overall. They are a trustworthy company who are deep-rooted in research and providing the best possible security and solutions for their customers.

Trend Micro Home Internet Security

If you have come across this article, it is likely that you are in search of an internet security package that you can use on your household devices. Given this, much of our article is focused on Trend Micro’s home security options.

There are three different types of home internet security options available to choose from. All of these options vary in price and specifications. This is great if you are shopping on a budget, or if you are looking for the most protection.

Internet Security

The first option we are going to discuss is the Trend Micro Internet Security. This is the middle priced option of the three, and it has a good amount of features to help keep you safe when browsing.

This option is great if you are looking to protect more than one home device, as the subscription will cover three devices. While this is useful, it is worth noting that this package only covers Windows devices. If you are looking for internet security for a Chromebook or Mac products, this is not a suitable option to use.
The Internet Security package will protect users from ransomware, which will block access to your own computer, and demand a sum of money to be paid to release the computer control back to the owner.

This package features advanced AI learning, and it will also help to prevent email scams. Email scams in recent years have become far more malicious and disguised as official emails. Many people will fall victim to this every year, so this is a particularly useful feature to have.

Trend Micro PayGuard is included which will keep your online transactions safe and secure. This is so important as it will prevent your bank details from being visible to prying eyes.

Another aspect that is often overlooked is social media. However, Trend Micro Internet security ensures privacy when using social media sites, and it will also optimize your computer systems and fix any issues that you may have. It will help keep your children safe and limit their access to specific sites too.

Overall, it is a great option, especially if you are looking for powerful internet security, that is not too expensive. What is great about Trend Micro is that they often have discounts available on their packages too.


Maximum Security

As the name suggests, the Maximum Security Trend Micro package contains everything that the company has to offer. What sets this package apart from the other two is that it is compatible with both Mac, Android, IOS, and Chromebook, in addition to Windows.

In addition to this, as it allows you to install the security on up to 5 different devices, you are no longer limited with the devices the software can be installed on.

The Maximum Security package contains everything that the Internet Security package does, but it has a number of additional features that will give you even more peace of mind while browsing online.

Here is a recap of the protection provided that is mentioned above:

  • Protection from ransomware
  • AI advanced learning
  • Safeguarding against scam emails
  • Trend Micro PayGuard
  • Child protection
  • Social Media Privacy
  • Optimizing and fixing systems

In addition to all the features mentioned above there are three additional features that this package has to offer.

The Maximum Security package will protect your passwords. In recent years, many websites have fallen victim to hackers and passwords have been leaked. Given this, having internet security that helps to protect your passwords is both important and useful.

In addition to protecting your passwords, it allows you the option of managing your passwords so that you can ensure they are strong enough and whether they may need to be changed.

Another aspect that sets the Maximum Security option apart from the other two options is that it is compatible for use with mobile devices too. While the majority of people are aware of the importance of having internet security on laptops and PC’s, many people forget that their mobile devices should be protected too.

In recent years, we have all started to use our phones for transactions both online and in stores. In some instances, we may even use the internet and pay with transactions more on our phones than we do on other devices. Given this, it is both important and useful to have internet security on your phone too.

As this package offers protection on up to five different devices, this will be more than enough to cover both laptops, PC’s and mobile devices.

Finally, the Maximum Security package offers 24 hour support, 7 days a week to its users. This support is premium and the support you receive will be from trained advisors. This is fantastic, especially if you are using internet security for the first time, or you are worried about any potential problems.

As with the other packages available, Trend Micro often provides discounts on this package, which is worth looking into. However, as this has the most in depth features, this is the most expensive package available and may be too expensive for those shopping on a budget.


Antivirus+ Security

Trend Micro’s Antivirus+ Security is the least expensive option available. On the whole it is very affordable and is great if you are looking for a basic but good amount of internet security on a budget.

As this is a more limited option, it does only cover one device, and this device will need to have a Windows operating system. While this is not ideal for Mac or Chromebook users, it is a suitable option if you own one Windows computer or laptop.

While it may not have the same number of features as the Maximum Security package, it will still protect your computer well on a day-to-day basis. Here are all the features that this package includes:

  • Protection against ransomware
  • AI advanced learning
  • Email scam safeguarding
  • Trend Micro PayGuard

While this option may not protect things such as passwords and social media, it will still protect you from the biggest and most worrying problems. Your online money transactions will still be protected, hackers will not be able to use ransomware, and your emails will still be protected.

Overall, this is a great place to begin if you want to try out Trend Micro and its success without spending too much money.


Trend Micro Internet Security For Businesses

As we have mentioned above, while it is likely that you are looking for home internet security, it is worth noting that Trend Micro provides internet security for businesses too. As with the home security, their business security is both thorough and trustworthy.

Their business options provide protection for the cloud, internet networks, and individual users. It covers everything that a business will want to look for in an internet security system, and it has a good detection and response rate.

Their Trend Micro Vision One is created specifically with businesses in mind, and it provides many layers of internet security and safety for the business and its staff. It connects all aspects of a business, from emails, cloud workloads, and XDR to help companies better protect themselves from attacks.

The security will look into weak spots within a company so that they can best resolve these issues. Overall, their business options are used by many companies, are reliable, and are trustworthy. If you own a business, it is certainly worth taking into consideration.

Our Thoughts On Trend Micro Internet Security

From researching and testing out Trend Micro Internet Security, we feel as though they are certainly a company that you can trust. Even their least expensive Internet Security package is extensive and will protect you and your information when you are using the internet.

Their internet security helps to keep your card information safe and secure when shopping online, and it protects your emails and your device against ransomware.

Overall, Trend Micro Internet Security does provide their users with a good range of different safety tools, especially when you look at the Maximum Security and Internet Security packages.

While their packages are not free, when compared to other internet security packages, even Maximum Security is not overly expensive to purchase. Their software is easy to use and more importantly, it works. We would certainly recommend testing out their packages.

What is great about Trend Micro is that they offer a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service received, and their software is quick and easy to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trend Micro Internet Security any good?

Yes, Trend Micro Internet Security is fantastic and certainly worth considering. It provides a good amount of internet protection and will keep your card and personal information safe. They are an award-winning company that have been chosen and trusted by many for the last 30 years.

When it comes to protection against ransomware, they are one of the best. They are reliable and have a 94% protection score, which is very good.

Does Trend Micro slow down computer?

Trend Micro can slow down your computer slightly when it is running. However, the majority of internet security software does this. Given this, we would recommend that you carry out your scans when you are not using the computer to help speed up the process.

While it is likely to slow the computer down slightly, it should not make it significantly slower.

Should I turn off Windows Defender if I have Trend Micro?

Windows Defender should automatically turn off after you have installed Trend Micro. However, if it has not, yes you should turn it off. This is because they can work against each other and Windows Defender will interfere with Trend Micro.

Once Trend Micro has been installed, there is no real need for you to use Windows Defender, and Trend Micro is designed to keep you safe when you are online.

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