How to get Apex Legends Mobile on iOS early

Get a sneak peek of the Apex Legends Mobile experience with these steps

how to get apex legends mobile on iOS

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Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royales even after three years since its release and now, you’re going to be able to experience it on mobile devices. However, Apex Legends Mobile is still in a ‘preview’ state, therefore, making it hard to actually acquire as of right now.

By this, we mean Apex Legends Mobile is only available in select countries such as Australia, Peru, Indonesia and Singapore before the official launch. Don’t fret though as we have a workaround, allowing you to get Apex Legends Mobile on your iOS device now no matter where in the world you are.


How to get Apex Legends Mobile on iOS

apex legends mobile ios

So, how do you get Apex Legends Mobile on your iPhone or iPad before the official release? Well, follow all of the below steps and you should have the futuristic battle royale on your iOS device in no time.

Before we get into those steps though, they will involve changing your Apple ID’s region, something you can only do once every 90 days, so if you’re not willing to do so, you may have to wait until the official launch.


Open Settings app

Locate the Settings icon on your iOS device and press it.


Open Apple ID settings

Press on your account name at the top of all the options available to you in Settings.


Open Media & Purchases

Locate the Media & Purchases option and press it.


Open View Account

Three more options will now present themselves. Press View Account to continue.


Open Country/Region

Find the Country/Region option and press.


Change Country/Region

Change your Country/Region to one of the following – Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, and Singapore then agree to the Terms & Conditions. We recommend choosing the country closest to where you are based for the best connection.


Enter a valid address

Use an address generator such as or if you own a property in the country you’ve selected, enter that.


Download Apex Legends Mobile

Once all of the above has been done, head to the App Store, find the official Apex Legends Mobile app and download it.

And that’s all there is to it! You should now be able to play Apex Legends Mobile on your iOS device no matter what country you reside in before the official launch.