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Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $50 in 2023

Thought mechanical keyboards weren't available for those on lowers budgets? Think again.
Last Updated on April 21, 2023

If you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboards under $50, we’ve got you covered right here.

Mechanical keyboards have always been a popular feature at offices and colleges alike, so why not have one at home/ their sturdy construction and fast keystrokes are great not only for frantic office typers but gamers too.

The best mechanical keyboard can be challenging to find, though, especially on a budget. There are so many keyboards on the market claiming to be the best; it can be overwhelming and leave us wanting to lie down in a dark room.

But luckily for you, the hard work has been done for you! We have found the five best mechanical keyboards under 50 that are sure to take your gameplay or typing to a whole new level!

Keep reading for our fantastic choices and tips of what to look for when it comes to finding your new keyboard!

Products at a Glance

Here at PC Guide, we put you at the center of everything that we do. It is why we would never dream of recommending a product we don’t already love ourselves! Our team of PC fanatics works to ensure only the best of the best make it onto your screens today.

When it comes to the best mechanical keyboard under 50, we selected the products that fit the following criteria. We researched their price, performance, range of customization, suitability for gamers, and ease of connection. We also considered their size, compatibility range, and keystroke travel.

Here, we understand the frustration of a keyboard bringing you down and vowed to change that now! So stick with us, and the keyboard of your dreams will be yours before you know it!

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your keyboard and go!

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  • Affordable
  • Two-color option
  • Compatible with a range of computer brands and gaming PCs
  • Conflict-free n-key rollover
  • Some customers found the keyboard a little loud.

Today’s winner and our top pick is Redgragon’s mechanical gaming keyboard. Coming in under budget with plenty of change to spare, the keyboard boasts a range of fantastic features that are great for gamers!

Redragon’s keyboard comes with a two-color option: black or white, allowing you to tailor your new keyboard to your color scheme! The tenkeyless keyboard is compact, great for those working with limited desk space.

The keys are rainbow LED RGB backlit, featuring 19 different lighting effects. You can customize the user modes and change through the six brightness levels to have the keyboard of your dreams.

Redragon’s dust-proof keyboard features quiet click sound fast action with minimal resistance. That’s right, the click-clack sound of a mechanical keyboard can be yours today!

The keyboard is durable, too. Redragon uses high-quality metal-abs construction and plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that will provide fantastic performance even during the longest and most intense marathons.

More time to browse? Keep reading for four other fantastic options to consider.

Speaking as someone who has burnt through a few keyboards, the durability here is practically unrivaled! There is anti-ghosting on all 87 keys and conflict-free n-key rollover to ensure a smooth performance. Redragon’s keyboard features 12 multimedia keyboard keys too.

The keyboard is non-slip and splash-proof, so you won’t need to panic too much about the drink you tipped or a desk that needs a clean. The engineered keycaps are extremely precise and fast, allowing you to enjoy your gaming or quick typing without worrying about a slow transfer.

Speaking of transfer, the keyboard is compatible with a range of PCs, making it extremely versatile. You can use this with all major computer brands and gaming PCS and Windows XP up to Windows 10 and some Mac OS keyboards.

To connect the keyboard, simply use the USB port, and in no time, you will have a high-speed, worry-free connection. The port is also gold-plated, designed to be corrosion-resistant; you won’t need to worry about wear and tear with this keyboard!

Customers loved this keyboard! They praised its outstanding build quality and sturdy weight. Weighing 1.93lbs, you won’t notice it in your bag, but it will feel sturdy when used on the desk.

Customers also praised the bright red glow of the backlight, even under heavy office lighting. They found the keys solid and enjoyed the sound they brought, delivering an authentic click sound that mechanical keyboards are famous for.

It is hard to find fault with this keyboard! Some customers reported that the keyboard was a little loud and resorted to using o-ring dampers to reduce the noise level. Noise is expected with a mechanical keyboard, so, unsurprisingly, few customers reported this issue.

It’s a fantastic option for gamers, workers, and students alike craving a keyboard with excellent speeds and performance that will stand the test of time. What are you waiting for? Grab your Redragon keyboard now!

  • Excellent value for keyboard and a mouse
  • Two-color option
  • Great for gaming: excellent compatibility against operating systems
  • 104 keys have individual switches with full n-key rollover
  • Some customers found the blue switches a little noisy.

Sitting at the top of our budget today is a real treat for you! Havit’s mechanical keyboard is excellent for gamers and comes with a mouse thrown in! The combo deal is fantastic for those after a new set and easy gaming.

The keyboard and mouse both feature RGB lighting effects that create a great gaming environment. You can customize this, too, with the keyboard featuring 14 backlit modes and the gaming mouse featuring seven modes to create a unique gaming experience.

You can enter recording mode easily; with just a few keys, you can record and stop the recording at any time. Customizing your backlight has never been easier; just use FN+ 1/2/3/4/5 and select the lighting arrangement of your choice!

Havit’s mechanical keyboard features an all-metal panel and floating keys design that is smooth and easy to touch. The 104 keys trigger sensitively and have individual switches with full n-key rollover. It feels so comfortable and easy to use.

There is also a detachable wrist rest that allows you to customize your experience. Combined with the smooth mouse, you can simply plug in and enjoy a comfortable experience.

Speaking of the mouse, you can program it to suit your exact needs. The mouse features six dots per inch that can be adjusted to match the mouse speed, great for those who find themselves in various gaming scenarios! The dot per inch levels range from 800-4800 and are super easy to adjust!

There is excellent compatibility too! You can use the keyboard and mouse with Windows 2000, Vista, 7, 8, and 10! The set is also compatible with MAC and Linux for gaming PCs.

Customers loved the keyboard and mouse duo. They praised the solid build of the keyboard, finding it incredibly durable. Customers also enjoyed the wide range of lighting features on the keyboard and mouse. They noted the keyboard’s premium feel without the price tag!

Some customers noted that the blue switches in the keys were a little noisy, distracting from work or gameplay. They found clear o-ring dampers an affordable solution to this problem, which should be factored into your budget.

Few customers reported the noise issue, though, so you should not experience any trouble. It is worth noting that mechanical keyboards are designed to make noise, so you should expect some noise volumes while in use.

If you are after excellent value and consistent performance, it’s the Havit mechanical keyboard and mouse duo for you!

  • Reasonably priced
  • A compact and portable keyboard that is easy to travel with
  • Range of LED-backlit modes
  • Great for professional gamers
  • Instructions do not come in English.

Sitting at the top of our budget today and delivering great backlit colors is Ajazz’s AK33 mechanical keyboard. Available in a range of colors, the compact keyboard is easy to travel with and provides consistent and reliable performance.

The keyboard features a unique layout design that is both functional and compact. Measuring 12.2×4.72 inches, it is the smallest keyboard included today. The compact size offers more mouse movement, which we think gamers will find advantageous! What it lacks in size, though, it more than makes up for in performance.

Ajazz’s keyboard features a whopping 18 default backlit modes and one custom mode using RGB LED backlighting technology. There are over 16.8 million colors available on the software, allowing you to choose the color that suits your style.

The keys are super easy to use too. Featuring double-shot injection molded keycaps; they are comfortable to touch and let the blacklight shine through. You won’t need to worry about the lettering scraping off either!

The keys feature an ergonomic design in a range of key shapes that makes them comfortable to be used for an extended time. They are comfortable whether you are working, typing, or gaming!

Ajazz uses special modified blue switches that will deliver the same experience as Cherry MX Blue with a fantastic lifespan of 50 million! You will have a mechanical experience like no other.

There is also anti-fatigue technology and an R5 ergonomic key design that provides a different feel from traditional keyboards. The key shape is comfortable and ensures that you can type or game for extended periods without pain.

Ajazz’s keyboard is designed with professional gamers in mind. The 82 keys feature n-key rollover and dedicated software capable of micro editing. All 82 keys are also 100% anti-ghosting to ensure unbeatable accuracy!

The keyboard is extremely durable too. Using aluminum and ABS, mechanical switches, and a professional control chip, you get fantastic professional quality in your home!

Speaking of quality, the keyboard features a detachable cable and USB gold plated port to deliver fantastic quality. It also allows for stable and speedy data transmission. Delays and errors will become a thing of the past!

Although the keyboard is easy to use and setup, few customers reported that instructions came in Chinese, which few could understand. Using Google translate is a way around this, or searching for English user manuals online, but it is something to be aware of when purchasing.

Customers praised the speed of the keyboard and how easy it was to customize the backlighting. They praised its effective use of space and the tactile and responsive keys and switches, allowing for easy and fast use of the keyboard.
If you are after a fantastic keyboard with a range of modes and customization that is easy to use, look no further than Ajazz’s AK33 keyboard!

  • Affordable
  • The tactile feel and clicky sound provide accurate keystroke recognition.
  • Durable and strong key-caps ensure extended use of the keyboard.
  • Excellent range of compatibility
  • RGB backlit does not link to games

At an affordable price, VictSing’s TKL gaming keyboard is a fantastic choice for typing and gaming. Whether you are working, a student, or an avid gamer, VictSing has the keyboard for you!

The keyboard features a tactile feel and clicky sound that helps you recognize each keystroke and type quickly with ease. There is less actuation force too, which allows you to have fantastic accuracy even at incredible speeds—smashing out an essay before the deadline or in an intense game? You will have excellent accuracy!

VictSing’s keys are made from high-quality ABS to offer comfortable use and provide fantastic durability. The keys are oil-resistant too, and are incredibly resilient; you won’t need to worry about clunky typing with this keyboard!

Thanks to the DCS profile, the cylindrical keycaps will fit your typing posture to ensure you are comfortable typing or gaming for extended times! Combined with the matte finish, you will have an attractive and comfortable gaming keyboard.

There is a 100% N-key rollover to prevent key jamming and reduce errors during fast typing and high-speed gaming. Victsing’s keyboard uses 12 multimedia keys that work to improve the operation speed of the keyboard.

The keys also feature 100% anti-ghosting to ensure that your accuracy is not compromised. You can also create keypresses to combine movement during gameplay or programming without any key jamming!

The quality of this keyboard is undeniable. The metal frame ensures a heavy keyboard that will stay in place during use. No more sliding keyboards across the desk for you!

VictSing’s keyboard features an LED backlight that you can customize to suit your needs. It features 33 different styles and a custom function, allowing you to adjust the brightness and speed of the backlight.

The RGB backlit keyboard is excellent for those who want to game in the dark, providing fantastic brightness. You can also customize game modes that will have great stunning effects on your desktop.

The compact keyboard is a fantastic option for smaller desk spaces or wants more space for mouse movements. The tenkeyless keyboard removes the Numpad, making it an excellent compact choice.

What’s great about this keyboard is its fantastic compatibility range. You can use the keyboard with PCs, laptops, windows, mac, and game consoles. You can use the keyboard with PS4 or Xboxes that support keyboards.

Customers loved the secure feel of the keys and how smooth they were when using them. The slight concave design provides a comfortable feel that customers enjoyed. They also enjoyed the sturdy weight of the keyboard, keeping it firmly on the desk during use.

Some customers noted that unlike higher-end keyboards on the market, the RGB backlit does not link to games being used. Few customers reported the problem, and for the price point, it is worth overlooking!

After an affordable keyboard that is super comfortable, durable, and easy to use? Then purchase the VictSing keyboard today!

  • Affordable
  • Immersive adjustable lighting
  • Full-size keyboard with fantastic accuracy and clicking sound
  • Full key rollover provides excellent performance.
  • Some of the keys don’t click as well as others.

For those after an affordable full-size mechanical gaming keyboard, look no further than PICTEK’s keyboard! The ultra-slim keyboard uses a USB wire to connect to your device and allow you to experience fantastic performance.

The gaming keyboard features an immersive rainbow lighting effect. With nine adjustable light modes, you can create the ambiance that allows you to create your perfect gaming environment. You can also adjust the backlight speed and direction for a truly customized experience.

PICTEK’s keyboard features classic blue switches with a 4.0+0.2mm keystroke distance and 60+25g actuation force to deliver high accuracy and fast responses. What’s more, you get the click sound when gaming that our beloved mechanical keyboards deliver.

The keyboard is extremely comfortable to use too. You can fold the keyboard with a tilt of 30 degrees to get a comfortable and ergonomic angle for typing to reduce hand-fatigue. It is also a useful feature during extended gameplay.

The performance will never be an issue with this keyboard. The ultra-slim keyboard features full keys with a rollover that will work during intense gaming. The win lock function will also put mistyping in gaming in your distant memory! A dream for most of us, I am sure!

PICTEK’s keyboard is durable too. Featuring double-shot detachable keycaps; you can remove and clean them effortlessly without worrying about them fading. Its durability is impressive, with over 10 million keystrokes tested to ensure the keys can handle daily use. Combined with the skin-friendly matte finish, you won’t ever want to replace this keyboard.

Customers loved the durability of the keyboard, praising its solid feel for the low price point. They enjoyed the double-shot keycaps and blue switches, praising their high-quality and incredible accuracy while in use!

Some customers noted that some of the keys did not click the way others did. They noted that the keys felt mushy and did not deliver the clear mechanical click. Few customers reported this issue, and with a 12-month warranty, you should not have to worry about this!

If you are after a full-size keyboard that is affordable and delivers fantastic accuracy, then it’s PICTEK’s keyboard for you!

How to pick the best mechanical keyboard under $50

There are some worthwhile considerations to make when shopping for the best mechanical keyboard, especially if you’re trying to find one for under $50. Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors you should be aware of.


When purchasing your mechanical keyboard, it is essential to consider its size. Generally, you will see two size options when it comes to mechanical keyboards: a compact keyboard or a full-size keyboard.

Consider which size will be best for you and your needs. Do you need a keyboard that you can take to college or work with you? Then a compact size is probably the better option.

However, full-size keyboards are an excellent choice for those working that will enjoy the added space. Make sure to check the dimensions before purchasing your keyboard to ensure it will fit in the desired space.

N-key rollover

When it comes to a mechanical keyboard, especially when using it for gaming, an n-key rollover or full key rollover are features you will want to consider. N-key rollover will ensure that every button or key you press will be recorded to ensure that you get incredible accuracy.

Combined with anti-ghosting features, these will ensure accuracy that will come in handy when gaming. It means that every key touched will be included and is excellent for those creating custom combinations during gameplay.


When it comes to your mechanical keyboard, look out for those that you can customize. Whether the RGB backlit can be changed or the keys can be customized, these features will be advantageous for gamers.

Look out for keyboards that offer a wide range of customization that is easy to use; these will allow you to have quick access and get your keyboard up and running quickly!

Is a mechanical keyboard under $50 worth it?

We’d say so, especially if you’re testing the waters and don’t want to invest too much straight away. If you’re looking for something more premium, we’d recommend our list of the best mechanical keyboards for gaming and typing.

Do mechanical keyboards break faster?

It’s really more about how you use them, but the good thing is that you can replace individual keys if you need to, unlike with many membrane keyboards.

Our Verdict

And here we are, the end of the road. Don’t you feel richer and wiser now? As you can see, there are some fantastic mechanical keyboards on the market, all under $50.

Whether you are looking for a keyboard to travel to college with or when you hot-desk at work, or for an intense gaming session, there is one here to meet your needs! Remember to consider what is important to you to find the comfortable and customized keyboard of your dreams.