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Best Laptop Bags in 2022

We look at the best laptop bags to buy in 2022
Last Updated on August 16, 2022
BAGSMART Expandable Briefcase Best Laptop Bag in 2022

Laptop bags protect your expensive investment from knocks, the weather and more, so you need a good one. Many also provide storage and carriage for other items such as phones, books and stationery. We look at four of the best laptop bags in 2022.

Products at a Glance

Features and considerations

There are more things to consider when buying a laptop bag than you’d think. Style is one key factor. Should you buy a briefcase-style bag, a backpack or something more fashion-oriented? And what material should it be made from?

Do you simply want to carry your laptop or do you need to carry files, books and so on too? Many laptop bags have multiple compartments and pockets in which you can organize and store sundry items. Think about what you need to carry and choose a laptop bag that meets your needs.

The construction material will affect price and possibly durability. Leather and plastic are common materials for outward-facing surfaces, and both are hard-wearing when made to high quality.

It’s also worth considering waterproofing and weatherproofing so that your devices are protected from the elements. You should also consider security. Can you lock the bag or use a padlock to secure it?

How we picked the best laptop bags in 2022

We picked the best laptop bags in 2022 using a combination of factors. These include pockets and compartments, carriage options, water resistance, ease of organization, device protection and price. If possible, you should try a bag before purchase to make sure it’s comfortable and suits your needs.

Our Recommended

Best Laptop Bags in 2022

  • Protects RFID data
  • Multiple compartments
  • Expands to 9.5in
  • No integral locks

The KROSER Laptop Briefcase is designed to hold laptops up to 17in in size. There’s also room for other items such as phones, plastic cards, stationery and books. It’s made of a water-repellent canvas poly fabric.

You carry the KROSER Laptop Briefcase using two handles or a shoulder strap. The strap is padded, which should increase comfort if you carry it over your shoulder. You can use a luggage strap to attach it to a flight trolley bag for easier carriage.

The bag has a two zipped front pockets. A larger pocket for items such as phones, passports and purses, and a smaller pocket for items like paper documents. The larger front pocket has a waterproof zipper to help keep your belongings dry. Some pockets protect RFID data from unwanted access.

You can put various items in the main compartment’s pockets, and there’s room for your laptop. The rear compartment is ideal for carrying books and documents, and it also has a zipped pocket. You can unzip an expansion pocket to extend the bag from 7.5in to 9.5in.

This is the best laptop bag in 2022 for people who need an expandable briefcase with RFID data protection.

  • USB port for connecting portable chargers
  • Waterproof bottom panel
  • No integral locks

This laptop bag combines laptop storage with an overnight bag and briefcase, so is ideal for travelling. Indeed, its TSA-approved design means it’s a good option for air travel and getting through airports.

The bag has a number of compartments in which to store items. You can store a laptop up to 17in in size in the main compartment, and items such as clothes.

You can tighten two straps in the main compartment to keep items in place and reduce creases in clothes.

A further two compartments can hold items such as books, documents and stationery in multiple sleeves and pockets.

The bag has rear wheels for rolling rather than carrying the case, which makes carriage easier where wheeling it is possible. You can also use two padded handles to carry the bag where wheeling isn’t possible.

The bag’s waterproof bottom panel helps keep your clothes, laptop and other items dry and undamaged. You can also lock the zips together using a padlock to secure your items and deter thieves.

This is the best laptop bag in 2022 for people who are travelling overnight.

  • Expandable for even more space
  • Multiple compartments for non-laptop items
  • No integral locks

The BAGSMART Expandable briefcase is a smart-looking laptop bag with multiple compartments for taking your devices on the move. You can expand the bag from 6.5in to 8.7in. This gains you even more luggage room when needed and reduces the need to carry another bag.

You can fit laptops up to 17.3in in it, tablet devices up to the 12.9in iPad, chargers and other sundry items. There’s also enough room for items such as books, magazines, travel documents, phones, wallets, and so on. Two further pockets provide even more room.

The compartments open in such a way that you can quickly show electronic items to airport security, which should help you get through security quickly.

The bag is made of water-resistant fabric to help protect your belongings from the elements and keep them dry. Foam padding also helps to protect your devices and valuables from knocks. You can carry the bag using two handles or a padded shoulder strap, whichever is most convenient or comfortable for you.

This is the best laptop bag in 2022 for people who need an expandable briefcase.

  • Room for a 17in laptop and a 12.9in iPad
  • Multiple compartments for easy access to items
  • No integral locks

The BAGSMART briefcase for Women is a smart way of carrying your laptop, and is made of water-resistant polyester fabric. It’s also designed to be TSA friendly for easier transits through airports and smoother air travel.

The bag’s interior has multiple compartments, including a padded laptop compartment for devices up to 17in in size. The padding should protect your laptop during travel.

There’s also a second compartment that’s ideal for tablets such as the iPad, and pockets for items such as chargers. This helps you keep your tech paraphernalia organized and within reach. Then there’s still room for travel documents, books and so on.

You can carry the BAGSMART Briefcase for Women using two handles or a shoulder strap. It also has a luggage strap for attaching it to flight trolley bags for easier carriage through airports.

This is the best laptop bag in 2022 for people who need an airport-friendly laptop briefcase.

Our Verdict

Editor's Choice
BAGSMART Expandable Briefcase Best Laptop Bag in 2022

Best Laptop Bags in 2022

The MATEIN Wheeled Briefcase would be our choice for travelling overnight due to its USB port and spacious interior. However, the KROSER Laptop Briefcase is our overall choice. This is due to its RFID data protection, multiple compartments and expandability to 9.5in.