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AMD 7000 series users have found a fix to this frustrating Helldivers 2 GPU issue

Last Updated on February 23, 2024
A man in a helmet with two black fans plays Helldivers 2 on his AMD GPU.
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Upon the release of Helldivers 2, both console and PC players have banded together to face the interplanetary evils its world is peppered with. Unfortunately, one camp has been much more fortunate when facing real-life problems that any massive multiplayer live-service game comes with. While PlayStation 5 players have been enjoying a hitch-free alien/robot slaying experience, some desktop gamers haven’t been so lucky.

Since launch, AMD 7000 series GPU users have frequently had trouble with frustrating issues, such as constant crashing and stuttering, that make Helldivers 2 near-unplayable. But despite these problems being well-documented, the game’s developers have yet to provide a comprehensive fix. In fact, the game’s deputy game director recently revealed that they still “aren’t sure” what’s causing these problems. Fortunately, its dedicated and ever-diligent community has seemingly found a way to minimize and even eliminate these problems.

Helldivers 2 AMD GPU bug fix

No, we aren’t talking about completely rebooting your entire PC. Instead, according to Redditor u/InspiredAnime, you should turn off Global Illumination. “I haven’t crashed on my 7900XTX since,” they continued. “If turning off GI doesn’t help, try limiting power in adrenaline to like 90%.” Other players offered similar solutions, with one claiming they haven’t had a crash since installing the Adrenalin Driver Version

Alas, if you’re looking for an official fix to this issue, you may have to remain patient indefinitely. Neither AMD nor developer Arrowhead Game Studios have revealed when they’ll release a patch addressing this problem, so it may not be a while until one is provided. That said, the Helldivers 2 deputy game director did state that collaborating with AMD to resolve it, so the bug should be fixed sooner rather than later.

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