AMD Radeon RX 6800 50% faster than RTX 3090 at Cryptocurrency mining

Another strain on already low GPU stock

amd radeon rx 6000 series pcb

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Cryptocurrency miners are always looking for the next graphics card to take advantage of and this time they’ve got their eyes set on the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series. But why the 6000 series when Nvidia’s RTX 30 series, on the face of it, is more powerful? Well, let’s answer that question.

The reason why the 6000 series, and more specifically the Radeon RX 6800, is to be an extremely desired card for miners is twofold. One, the high GGDR6 RAM levels and two, the introduction of AMD’s new Infinity Cache technology.

Let’s quickly jump into the importance of that 16GB DDR6 RAM. First off, there’s 6GB more than that of the Nvidia rivals which max out at 10GB, certainly an impressive feat. But, it’s that increase which translates into raw power. Yes, it could be lacking in gaming performance overall but when it’s applied to processes like mining, this is flipped, and essentially, the higher the RAM the higher the performance.

Now, Infinity Cache, what’s all the fuss about? Well, not only will you be paring your GPU with a new Ryzen 5000 series processor but creating incredible efficiencies, boosting your performance. The way Infinity Cache cache works is by leveraging efficiencies and utilizing the Zen 3 cache to create a caching system that reduces latency, removing bottlenecks, and enabling better power consumption.

All of these plusses come together to, as alluded to by a post via Chiphell (see below), provide performance 1.5 times that of the RTX 3090. Now, when we put that into the mining perspective it’s huge. This is due to the fact that an RTX 3090 will cost you around $1500, and according to Betterhash and Nicehash profitability calculators, you’d expect to make between $90-100 mining profit a month, taking around 15 months to recoup the cost. On the flip side, the RX 6800 costs around $580 but will net you $135-150 a month, meaning you’ll not only have less to pay upfront, but you’ll also recover those costs in around 4 months. It’s almost not even a question that miners will need to make their minds up on, the difference really is that big.


While these aspects make the Radeon RX 6800 the most attractive option for miners, especially over the RTX 30 series, why could the previous generation, the Radeon RX 5700 series, be also on the rise? Well, it still performs at a top tier level and due to these new cards coming out, prices are expected to drop. This makes it a great alternative and one that might even be required thanks to the poor stock levels expected come Radeon RX 6000 series release.

This isn’t the news that AMD fans probably wanted to hear considering that there are already reports that there will be low stock of the new graphics card lineup. So, there’ll not only be added strain of miners wanting to get in on the new GPUs, there’s also scalpers, bots, etc. that will be prepped to snap up as much stock as they can. But, with the potential avenue of the Radeon 5700 series due to its price vs performance when mining, these individuals could flock there instead, potentially alleviating some of the 6000 series units for others.