AMD Ryzen 5 5600 to launch early 2021 at $220

A game changer for AMD?

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We’ve had a sea of information from AMD’s October 8th 5000 series reveal but just because that event is over doesn’t mean those details stop. This time, it’s in the form of a processor that wasn’t even announced, the Ryzen 5 5600.

This news comes out of a Chinese-based tech outlet in which states that the more budget-conscious 5600 chip will launch in early 2021 under the $250 mark.

If these details are true, 2021 could be a huge time for AMD. With Intel Rocket Lake CPUs releasing Q1 2021, if the Ryzen 5600 is in fact $220, it could be the processor for many, especially if it does have similar specs to the 5600X when overclocked.

Based on AMD’s official presentation, it implied that the 5600X will in fact be better than the i7 10700 in terms of performance which is great news for consumers, especially for those that are criticizing the price point. So, putting this into the context of the 5600, if the OC performance does match that of the 5600X, we could see a real winner in the race to attract buyers’ hard-earned cash.

As usual, this is all rumor and speculation so we can’t take this as straight facts but, it does all seem to make sense both in terms of specs and price point, undercutting Intel while also providing the performance that many will be happy with. Early 2021 is certainly going to be a very busy time in the world of processors and we’re sure that both Intel and AMD are going to be fighting to give the best value for their consumers.

Which side are you on? AMD processors provide the better overall gaming performance, and have for some time now, but Intel is not one to shy away from a challenge. However, if these Ryzen 5 5600 rumors are correct, the fact that’ll come in under $250 and have similar output to that of the i7 10700 when overclocked, it could be a real dealbreaker.