Save big on tech thanks to ASUSFest 2021

Now's the time to pick up some fantastic ASUS products

ASUSFest 2021

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If you thought that the Steam Summer Sale had the best discounts this time of year, ASUS is attempting to one-up that, delivering huge savings across laptops, monitors, Chromebooks, motherboards, peripherals, and networking devices with ASUSFest 2021.

The event itself comes from completely left field (not like we’re complaining!) with no prior announcements being made by the company on what the celebration is or what deals are on offer. This makes it the perfect time for those who have been eagerly awaiting tech to come back in stock after the drought that is 2021 or are simply looking to upgrade their current setups before the year is up. There is, however, no mention of when the ASUSFest 2021 deals are going to be ending so it’s best to get in there quickly just in case.

Currently, there’s a huge competition ‘headliner’ but when the link is clicked, it doesn’t go to a live competition page. If you want the direct link to this competition, click here. You will be taken to a page where you can get a chance to win a custom gaming PC bundle!

Best ASUSFest 2021 Deals

asusfest 2021

While there’s a whole host of savings to be had during ASUSFest 2021, we’ve hand-picked some of the best deals so you don’t have to go trawling through yourself. Here are our top picks:

As huge ASUS fans here at PC Guide, we think that it’s the perfect time to pick up some of the best consumer tech on the market at a hugely discounted price. Not only are you saving big, you’re getting ahead of the discount game and avoiding the likes of Black Friday where everyone is scrambling to get their hands on electronics of this ilk, thus making them go out of stock instantly.

What are you waiting for? Go get your hands on the best ASUS has to offer!

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