Save up to 50% on Blink smart home security cameras this Black Friday

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Founded in 2009 under the name INmedia Semiconductor Inc, before moving towards consumer electronics with their first million-dollar Kickstarter campaign in 2014. After their Amazon acquisition in 2017 that was thought to be a strategic move to back up their Amazon Key proposition, Blink operates as a subsidiary of Amazon to this day.

Looking back at 2017, Blink security cameras were underappreciated due to issues with recording and storing high-quality video. It wasn’t that Blink couldn’t handle it, journalists and consumers couldn’t. Fast forward to 2021, Blink has a healthy array of smart home security solutions for both in and outdoors.

Looking at this year’s Black Friday deals, Blink has come a long way when it comes to public perception. Their affordable plug-and-play security solutions knock it out of the park in terms of usability and build quality. If you’re looking for a simple way to secure your home with some native Alexa support, Blink has you covered.

Here are all the best Black Friday Blink deals that we’ve managed to find so you can net yourself some great savings on top home security.

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