Chrome’s Autofill is Becoming More Secure and Convenient

The new technology features biometric authentication

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One of Chrome’s handiest features is Autofill. Whether you’re logging into your Twitter account or online shopping, the Autofill features make it easy and quick to input whichever details you need, be it passwords, usernames, email addresses, or bank details. It’s especially great if you’re buying something which is exclusive and selling fast.

In a new update, Chrome is making Autofill both more secure and convenient. By using biometric authentication like fingerprints to confirm credit card details, using Autofill will be much safer. Not to mention, you won’t have to enter your three-digit card verification code (CVC) every time. This feature is optional, though, and can be turned on or off at any time in settings. 

Chrome is also introducing touch-to-fill passwords, which will make inputting passwords safer and easier. By using Chrome’s password keeper, users should be safe from phishing attacks, “because it cannot be tricked into filling your password into look-alike websites,” states the press release written by Stan Li and Patrick Nepper, Google Payments Product Manager and Google Chrome Product Manager respectively. 

“Whenever you sign in, Chrome’s new touch-to-fill feature presents your saved accounts for the current website in a convenient and recognizable dialog,” it reads. “It allows for one-handed sign-in without requiring you to scroll to the respective form fields to choose an account”.

The biometric authentication is already available on Mac and Windows, but both will be coming to Android in the coming weeks.

And this is only the beginning.