Cooler Master unveils Raspberry Pi case

Mainstream PC company dip their fingers in the Pi

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It’s been almost inevitable for a while that sooner or later one of the major PC component manufacturers was going to make a break into the burgeoning Raspberry Pi market. As the tiny, single-board PC gets ever more powerful and indeed, useful it’s no surprise that the market for cases was going to grow beyond small-run 3D printed efforts.

Step on board Cooler Master who has unveiled the Pi Case 40 and very nice it looks too. I have been a fan of the Pi since Model 1 way back in the day. One powers one of my arcade machines and not long ago a Pi Zero ran my home security set-up

The case is for the Pi 4 only and initially, orders will be going via the4 unusual route of Kickstarter. In fact, if you sign up in the next few days to the waiting list you will get 25% off the final price.

Cooler Master is billing it as the perfect travel case for the Pi. Built from aluminum with full access to the board’s internals they have also interestingly, made the design Open-Source.The case is 100% passively cooled and VESA mountable so covers all bases.

Hopefully, this will be the first step into this arena that will significantly help to bring the Pi more mainstream than ever.