Save $70 on this Batman themed Secretlab Chair

secretlab batman black friday deal

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High quality, hard-wearing chairs are surprisingly hard to come by with many manufacturers trying to compromise on quality to get their prices down. This means poor comfortability, and you probably having to replace it a lot sooner than you’d like to think.

However, one chair manufacturer that opposes all of this is Secretlab. Secretlab offers up probably the best chairs on the market both if you’re a gamer or if you need one for your office. Quality and comfort are probably unrivaled in the current market thanks to the use of top tier materials and the care that goes into every chair that’s crafted.

The Secretlab OMEGA range is undoubtedly up there as Secretlab’s best chairs boasting comfort on all levels with well-padded cushions, back support and even a cooling gel headrest. Within this range is a number of different designs to pick from including the one we’re highlighting today – the Dark Knight edition.

This Dark Knight edition is obviously a homage to the ever-popular comic book character Batman with the recognizable logo of the caped crusader finely stitched right into the chair itself.

The famous Secretlab Black Friday deals are live and with it comes $70 off this Dark Knight Secretlab OMEGA variant, a saving that’s incredibly hard to pass up!

Save $70 on the Dark Knight Secretlab OMEGA

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