Elgato Launch Wave XLR, StreamDeck Mk. 2 and More

Elgato have a bevvy of new products that they've just launched, including refreshes to their Stream Deck and a new XLR interface

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They’re no longer just capture cards for video game videos, but a whole supplier for in-home studios for streamers.

Corsair’s Elgato now hosts regular product dumps online to show off all their new kit, which is wild to me, considering less than five years ago, they were the people bringing capture cards to the masses.

Elgato’s slew of new products follows the launch of their new webcam, which we liked quite a bit!


Stream Deck Mk. 2

How much is it?

The Stream Deck Mk. 2 will run you $149, while the Wave XLR is $159.

Each microphone arm is $99 and the Wall Mounts come in at $30. The last thing they announced was Extension Kits for Lightstrips, at $60.

Of course, these products don’t just stop at streaming for usefulness, as they can be reappropriated for regular daily use, like the new Stream Deck Mk. 2, which not only features a removable faceplate for jazzing up your desk but also a removable USB-C cable, making it an independent device that can be picked up fairly easily.

The new thing about the Stream Deck Mk. 2 and the previous versions, was that they’re fantastic for those who need shortcuts. You don’t have to just assign a funny gif or scene transition to the buttons, but whatever you want really.

Elgato promotes their little dedicated storefront for downloading the various shortcuts that other users have preassembled, pointing out that you can set it to control your Phillips Hue lights, load up and take big actions in editing software or do repetitive tasks at the hit of a single button.

Because there are limited buttons on the device, you can also put things into folders for more actions to be used.

Wave XLR and Wave Link

Wave XLR might not fit in everyone’s everyday use, but for those of us who create content that’s primarily audio-based, the new Wave XLR seems like a killer alternative to the more pro-audio-based interfaces.

On the back is an XLR port, a touch-sensitive mute button for quick muting, and the big knob in the center deals with mixing down your microphone and headphone audio. The big plus to getting the Wave XLR is their built-in pre-amp, which for those running more advanced XLR microphones, know that more power being boosted in for loudness and clarity is always the best feature.

This obviously works with Elgato’s own Wave Link software, letting you control all facets of your audio across the PC via software, which will be really handy for those doing work-from-home presentations and other streaming.

Microphone Arms and Mounts

Less exciting is the addition of new microphone arms, one for those that need the height and one that would prefer to have the microphone be lower profile and slide under the space between the desk and monitor.

Elgato is also launching a wall mount for cameras and different peripherals, so you can hope that your camera and lights don’t fall down at night. If you want to see what all this would look like in the home, Elgato also has a new Unity-powered piece of software to place different things in your home called the Studio Configurator.

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