Facebook Messenger enables screen-sharing feature

A new Zoom rival enters the mix?

If you’re an avid screen-sharer, you’ve just got a new option for doing it with Facebook enabling a feature for Messenger that’ll allow you to share your mobile screen with others. This new feature screen-sharing option gives you the option to showcase your phone or tablet screen in a one to one, group chat, and even if you’re part of a larger conversation in a Messenger Room.

With this feature only just launching, there are some limitations with a ceiling of eight people in group chats or 16 people in Messenger Rooms being able to see your screen at any one time. However, Facebook is already putting plans in motion to expand this upping this maximum to 50.

To get access to this new feature, you’ll first need to install the latest Messenger update. Once this has been done, get on a call and swipe up which will open up a plethora of call options. Hit “share your screen” then “start sharing”, and finally, “start broadcast”. That’s it, you’re now showing the call your device’s screen.

This tool could have been developed due to the rise in video call platforms such as Zoom, who already allow screen sharing to take place, and has probably been put into effect to keep individuals on the Messenger app as long as possible.

Are you going to be using the screen-sharing feature on Facebook Messenger? Or is it a little too late to make the jump after being so comfortable with other platforms that have had it for such a long time now?

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