Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets 79Gb Patch Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Recieves First Major Update

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The release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has been huge, and anybody out there running the game knows that there is a near limitless potential when it comes to upgrading and enhancing the game’s performance on modern hardware.

However, even though the game itself is being hailed as brilliant by critics and enthusiasts the world over, there are a few bugs in the game that need ironing out – and it looks like that is exactly what is about to happen with the very first developer update coming to the game very soon.

The developer update looks to be a pretty large patch, that will hopefully update the game’s files allowing for a smoother gameplay experience. Bugs like being caught on loading menus, having the game crash when controllers are unplugged and some areas of the game being inaccessible are all known to the dev team of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, so it’s not beyond reason that these kind of fixes are just around the corner.

However, one aspect of the update has prompted some initial pushback from the Flight Simulator and larger gaming community, and that is due to the actual size of the update file. It weighs in around 79Gb (rounded up), which is no small update. In fact, the game itself is 90Gb in size.

Now, what could be happening here is a large patch file being dropped on the game, rather than an update and expansion. How do these things differ? It’s pretty simple.

When software updates via a patch release, the files that your computer (or whatever hardware) downloads are actually updated versions of the files your software is currently using. The installation of these patches includes the process of deleting old and problematic files and replacing them with the updated versions. Boiling it down to a basic explanation, your software’s overall disk space consumption will grow – but it might not be to the full extent of the actual patch download size.

What this means is that whilst the upcoming update file for Microsoft Flight Simulator is big in size,  it won’t be eating up 170Gb of your computer’s disk space in total (as Call of Duty has been guilty of in the past).

Outside of the patch update, It looks like there is going to be a new addition to the game locations in the form of Moscow. An upcoming update will allow players to fly around the Russian city, exploring the landscape with buildings like the Kremlin, Orthodox Churches, monuments, airports, and more all available to buzz around.

Looking forward to the updates? Found some bugs yourself you want to make other users aware of? Let us know in the comments below!