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Framework launch a new storefront for their DIY laptop

Build it yourself!
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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Framework has launched a new storefront, Framework Marketplace, to begin selling the various parts needed for upgrades for their DIY laptop. They include things like RAM, storage, but also the entire central board with the various Intel chips on, indicating that they’re committed to the upgrade path laid out in their pitch.

From their press release:

On the Marketplace, you can pre-order a Framework Laptop and pick up replacement parts, upgrades, and accessories.  Expansion Cards, memory and storage, and a subset of other modules are in stock and available today.  We’ll be adding more over the next few months, and you can register to get notified as each item comes into stock.

The Framework laptop is an entire device built to be completely customizable and to show up the modern laptop makers that the right to repair is not only doable but is an absolute necessity in the industry.

It comes in two forms, pre-configured or DIY, where they will literally send you the bits and bobs needed to put together your brand new laptop, giving you a complete understanding of how to upgrade it or modify it in the future. The gimmick with this is that it also has expansion ports that run on USB-C, which you can slot in and out as you see fit to give the laptop the inputs and outputs that are needed in your day-to-day.

Don’t need an HDMI port, but more options for storage? Or maybe you’re a display port kind of person? Well, you pop these things in and out as you see fit.

Framework has also opened funding for getting new expansion cards onto the market, publishing the requirements for prototypes on Github for all to access.

The Framework laptop is available from $749 for the DIY version or $999 for a preconfigured and built variation. It has begun shipping in the US, with a recent launch in Canada for $999 and $1299 CAD for each version.

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