Every single game from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X livestream is going to be on PC too

These games were announced for Xbox Series X, but they will also release on PC

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Microsoft just showed the world first footage games for it’s upcoming Xbox Series X next-generation console, as part of their Inside Xbox live stream titled “First-Look Xbox Series X Gameplay”, and there are certainly some nice looking games in the lineup they showed.

I don’t think this collection of games particularly helped sell the vision of their new console, all the games featured will be available on their current-gen Xbox One, but with longer load times and some of the graphical settings dialled back. Perhaps not the most compelling pitch for a new console. To my eye, a lot of the games look like great games, but I’m not sure they’re games that many players will need or want to upgrade their hardware for just to get better performance.

Beyond the world of console releases, every single game featured in the show has also now been confirmed for release on PC. Ideal for anyone who prefers to play on PC, and upgrades their hardware on a schedule that suits them, rather than in sync with console generations.

No doubt these will be some of the games that Xbox Series X early adopters will be playing on their shiny new console, but it’s nice to know that players on PC will be able to play all of these games too.

Here are the games, and the confirmation that they are going to PC.

This has already been confirmed for PC, releasing on uPlay and Epic Game Store.


The Ascent

Has a Steam Page already, but no release date yet.

Bright Memory: Infinite

Has a Steam Page already, but no release date yet.

Call of the Sea

Has a Steam Page already, but no release date yet.


Mentions “PC” at the end of the trailer.

Dirt 5

Steam logo at the end of the trailer


Madden NFL 21

Not strictly confirmed, but Madden has been on PC since Madden NFL 19.

The Medium

Developer tweet mentions “PC”.


Scarlet Nexus

“Announced for PC via STEAM” according to this press release.

Second Extinction

Press release mentions “PC”.


Has a Steam Page already, but no release date yet.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Was announced for PC since first reveal, and has a Steam page.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Has a Steam Page already, but no release date yet.



It’s good news for everyone that these games are on both PC and Xbox, it’s nice to have the choice where you want to play, and this means players on Xbox and players on PC get to enjoy these games.

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