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Gigabyte joins MSI with BIOS tool that helps reduce 14th-generation CPU temps

Last Updated on April 2, 2024
Intel core i9 processor box next to an MSI PRO Z790-P WIFI motherboard, suggesting compatibility or an upgrade guide featuring a Gigabyte BIOS tool.
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Excessively high CPU temperatures can be a nightmare for any PC enthusiast to deal with. Luckily, Gigabyte has finally introduced a BIOS tool that will help make temperatures for 14th-generation Intel CPUs on Z790 and B760-based motherboards more manageable by disabling CEP (Current Excursion Protocol). This comes after MSI introduced a similar mechanic BIOS feature for Intel processors back in the beginning of March. Though, of course, Gigabyte’s update should make the tool more accessible.

For those unfamiliar, CEP serves as a safeguard for processors by monitoring voltage levels and preventing them from falling beyond a certain level. Although undervolting means less power consumption and a subsequent drop in temperature, CEP often prevents users from going too far. Now, with the new BIOS feature allowing it to be disabled, you’ll be able to experiment with lower voltage levels that should provide more stability at an ideal temp – at least, that’s according to a press release from Gigabyte (via VideoCardz). So, if you’re running the best CPU in gaming for 2024, you shouldn’t have to worry about your processor suddenly heating up.

CEP-disabling BIOS tool only compatible with 14th Gen CPUs

Now, undervolting, like any PC process, inherently comes with risks. If you decide to disable CEP, you’ll need to remember not to get too trigger-happy, or your CPU will suffer from sudden crashes or dreaded blue screens. With this in mind, we recommend taking the necessary precautions, like testing out different voltages first before finally settling, to avoid any issues.

Unfortunately, this BIOS tool is only available with 14th-generation Intel CPUs, so those still running older models will have to wait for a later update to make use of this feature. While you wait for it to arrive, check out the best GPUs in 2024 so you can upgrade your rig with a modern graphics card.

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