Google leaks the Pixel 4a ahead of launch

The leakees become the leakers

Google leaks the Pixel 4a ahead of launch

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Google’s best answer to iPhones has been leaked…by Google.

This year was meant to be a good one for Google’s Pixel range, with the 4a intended as an affordable counterpart to the Google Pixel 5. When the new, budget-friendly Apple iPhone SE was announced in May, it became clear that the 4a, which was set at the same price point, wouldn’t be seeing daylight anytime soon. 

Google accidentally leaked the mid-range android device on their Canadian online store, leaving no doubt that the phone would be released in the coming months. On a header meant to entice shoppers to purchase the Nest Wifi System, a picture of the new phone appeared instead.

Although it didn’t showcase too many surprises, the image seemed to confirm rumors that the Pixel 4a was supposed to come out in May this year but had been postponed. The general consensus is that the new announcement will be August 3rd. 

The model looks exactly as expected “with the single selfie camera cutout on the front, the single lens in the Pixel 4 camera module on the back, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and an all-black colorway,” details AndroidAuthority. The phone is not expected to feature a 3D facial recognition setting but it should have more storage than the new iPhone SE.

Known for Apple leaks, Jon Prosser recently took to Twitter to say that the July 13th release date wasn’t looking likely for the 4a, which explains the mishap. It’s not like this leak was the most significant of its kind, either. The Google Pixel 3 and 3a both leaked constantly. The Pixel 4 leaked too, which led to Google announcing the product early anyway. 

While Google still hasn’t confirmed this one, we doubt there’ll be any surprises around what the product looks like.