Google Pixel 6a Design has leaked – here’s what you need to know

Does Google Pixel really need another budget handset?

Google Pixel 6a

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Google Pixel 6a design has leaked thanks to an aluminum dummy phone that has fallen into Fathom Bracelets and reliable leaker Xleaks7. Looking at the video below, it looks like Google is ditching the tradition 5a design and joining the Google Pixel 6 school of design, which makes perfect sense:

Credit: Saber Bracelets / Xleaks7

Looking at our Google Pixel 6 in the office, this aluminum cast looks exactly like it. Although we’re not doubting Xleaks7 credibility, the only identifier of the Google Pixel 6a here is the inscription on the front of the dummy phone. If someone really wanted to, this could be faked quite easily given the right equipment, so as usual, take the following with a pinch of salt until official sources confirm the Google Pixel 6as existence.

Here are some images of the dummy phone below for a more detailed look:

From the camera bump to the thickness of the handset, it all looks very similar to the Google Pixel 6. Until we get a decent idea of specifications, we won’t know just how different the 6a will be from the standard Pixel 6 line. Whilst Google could just offer a downgraded Tensor chip, we may also see a return to a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC with specifications similar to the Google PIxel 5/5a line for a budget handset.

For a flagship, Google Pixel 6 is already cheap, with offers online already going below its $599 RRP and network contract plans just covering the RRP of the handset with unlimited 5G data in some cases. For us, the most confusing part of this leak is why Google Pixel needs another budget handset when it already has one? A $200 Pixel 6a sounds enticing, but the sacrifices that will need to be made under the hood will render the Pixel offering a little redundant bar its Android 12 update priorities.

Does Google Pixel 6a represent a step forwards or backward in Google’s marketing strategy for Pixel? With plans for a Pixel Watch clearly afoot too, it’s no surprise that Google wants to hit every key demographic sooner rather than later.

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