Google Podcasts is now available on iOS (and it looks fancy)

Google Podcasts is now available on iOS (and it looks fancy)

Podcasts are the go-to for many looking for alternative entertainment to Netflix series’ and the standard music choices. Thankfully, they’re all the rage nowadays, with strong selections in every category you can think of. There’s also a number of ways you can access these podcasts – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the focus of today’s article, Google Podcasts.

For the first time, Google Podcasts has made the leap to the App Store, making it available across all of your iOS devices. As part of this, it has received a total revamp, separating its tabs into three sections: Home, Explore, and Activity. Under the Home tab, you’ll see your favorite podcasts that you’ve subscribed to, making it far easier to access your frequent listens. With the Explore tab, as you might have guessed, is where you search for podcasts. You’ll also be fed recommendations based on your past listening and favorited podcasts. The third and final tab, Activity, provides you with a combined overview of your listening history, anything in your queue, and any downloads you have going. This whole redesign is a welcomed one, and with the current coronavirus pandemic, the release on iOS is certainly timely for those looking to listen to their favorite personalities while working from home.

Google Podcasts screenshot

Are you going to ditch other services like Spotify in favor of Google Podcasts? It’s more than worth a try just to get a feel for their offering. It might even change your podcast listening experience forever!

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