Google reduces Nest camera quality to save bandwidth

Google reduces Nest camera quality to save bandwidth

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With many utilizing video surveillance systems including Ring doorbells and Nest Cam setups, there’s no surprise that it’s taking its toll on internet resources in the current climate. Google has the perfect plan for that, reducing your video quality.

Here’s what they said:

“In response to community issues caused by COVID-19, we’re temporarily adjusting your camera quality and bandwidth in an effort to conserve internet resources,” “During this time, it’s critical for us to work together to ensure we find ways to help the community at large.”

Furthering this, Google emailed users of their Nest Cam service to let them know of this video quality reduction and quite rightly, some paying serious money for these services have shown their outrage in this change, calling for reduced prices as a result. However, Google stated that this reduction is only going to be implemented on the ‘default’ setting, as well as being temporary, so if you want that improved quality of your neighbors getting their post, you can, by just adjusting what setting you’re on.

While we’re in this current pandemic, I’m not sure those people complaining are looking are the bigger picture and a reduced Nest Cam video feed really isn’t up there in terms of pressing issues at the moment. Even so, you can just change your setting to get that crisp image back.

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