GoPro HERO10 Black set to shake up action cam market

The new GoPro Hero10 Black is looking set to shake up the world of action cams for the first time in a long while. Let's take a look.

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In some ways, you could probably say GoPro is a company you almost forgot about. A few years back I owned two of its action cameras myself and there was a bit of a craze to take them on vacation and wander around the scenery with them on the end of a stick,

Then came the attack of the clones and people suddenly looked at the price of GoPros and realized they could probably do without some of the higher-end features and save the cash.

GoPro has stuck around though, through a few rough times and now has unveiled the amazing-looking GoPro HERO10 Black.

GoPro HERO 10 Specs

Well, cutting to the chase the HERO10 Black can record 4K videos at 120 FPS. That’s what you wanted to know isn’t it, so you can capture all your amazing adventures in just about the smoothest resolution you can realistically enjoy right now.

The Hero10 Black captures footage at double the framerate of the HERO9 Black while boosting the resolution to 5.3K.

You can also tone things down to 2.7K and capture at 240FPS for amazing slow-motion footage rivaling anything you can see elsewhere online or even in the cinema in many ways.

The chip has been upgraded to a GP2 from the GP1 that we have had with us since way back in the days of the HERO6.

GoPro’s proprietary image stabilization – HyperSmooth, is now at version 4.0 which will really help smooth out your video

GoPro Hero 10 Black Price

The camera comes in at $499.99 which, all things considered, is a bit of a steal.

You can pre-order the GoPro Hero10 Black at Amazon with this link and it is due to arrive in stock around September 27th

GoPro Subscription Cost

If you want to keep all your crazy footage safe in the cloud, then you are going to need a GoPro subscription. This will set you back $5 per month you can get a year’s worth for $50

Are my GoPro add-ons compatible with the GoPro Hero10 Black?

Good news. GoPro says that most add-ons will be compatible with the latest camera. No news at this stage on what won’t be but hopefully you won’t be that unlucky.

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