Grab 10 Second Ninja X for free on Steam

Plus a host of other Curve Digital games on sale

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For a limited time, fast-paced puzzle-platformer 10 Second Ninja X is available for completely free. Grab it on Steam before May 28th, and it’s yours to keep forever.

It’s a game with a fairly simple premise. Each level can and must be beaten in under ten seconds. Levels that might first seem impossible with such strict timing demands gradually reveal themselves to be doable in just a few seconds, as you experiment with different techniques and master your skillset.

You’re a little ninja who can jump, stab and throw ninja stars to take out the enemies strewn across each level. You only get three ninja stars, so choosing which enemies to use them on is often crucial for finding the best route through a level. You can hit multiple enemies with one star, so aiming and positioning in just the right spot can help you shave time off.

It feels great to control, and it’s a masterclass in pushing a simple premise to get the most challenge and depth out of it. You may be satisfied with simply beating all the levels, you may want to challenge yourself to get gold ranking on each level, or you may find yourself competing on the leaderboards to try and get high ranked times.

This freebie is part of the wider Curve Digital sale that’s happening on Steam right now, with titles like Human Fall Flat, Autonauts, and Snake Pass all discounted. You’ve got until May 28th to get 10 Second Ninja X for free or any of the other discounted games.