Grab World War Z For Free

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Epic are frequently handing out free games these days, but this is a pretty big one. It’s World War Z, a popular game that’s less than a year old, and with a focus on multiplayer you might have struggled to get together a group of four players who were willing to pay upfront for it, now you can all jump in for free.

You’ve got until April 2nd to redeem a free copy of World War Z on Epic Game Store, and then it’s yours to keep. Epic Game Store, despite being nearly a year and a half old, still pales in comparison to Steam and other stores in terms of features and functionality, it’s missing even basic components like a shopping cart, never mind the host of more advanced features you’ll find on Steam, but free is free, so this offer isn’t to be sniffed at.

We could really go for a new Left 4 Dead, but in the meantime, this is perhaps the next best thing.

I still can’t quite believe they used one of the most iconic anti-war songs in their game that is explicitly centred around the idea of how fun a war against zombies would be, but maybe it was intended to be ironic.

Grab it now from the Epic Game Store for free.