Intel NUC 8 PC available for under $350

Get this tiny little PC for the cheapest price yet

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This technically isn’t the smallest Windows PC available, that honor goes to the Intel Compute Stick. It is however one of the smallest PCs you can find with decent performance, including support for modest gaming due to the dedicated GPU inside the case. The Intel NUC 8 PC is available today from Amazon for just $344.88, and depending on your needs or usage scenario, we think this might be an excellent option for some users.

This is a fully equipped tiny PC. The NUC class of systems from Intel provide reasonably capable, but not cutting edge, performance in a compact package. It’s a full Windows computer that you can easily use in a lounge setting, and it’s perfectly designed for connecting it to your TV and using it as a media center.

This particular configuration offers the following specs:

  • Intel Core i3-8121U CPU
  • AMD Radeon 540 GPU
  • 8GB of DDR4 RAM

It also has a spare M2 slot in case you’d like to add an SSD, which would probably be our first recommended upgrade for this system. Check out our roundup of the best SSDs here.

This system isn’t going to be able to compete with a fully kitted out top end full-sized tower powerful PC system, but it still extremely impressive for a system that measures in at 11.7 x 11.2 x 5.1cm. This will struggle to play any of the latest and greatest games, but older or more simplistic games should be perfectly fine.

It’s also a very capable media player, fully supporting 4k playback. It’s going to be compatible with essentially all major streaming platforms, due to it offering the full Windows 10 experience.

It’s also well equipped for the connectivity you’d expect, with a pair of front USB ports, a pair of rear USB ports, a pair of HDMI ports, an ethernet port, an SD card reader, a headphone port and a Kensington lock.

We think this system makes the most sense for anyone looking for a powerful and capable media center experience, something that is far more capable than the majority of smart TVs but is compact and discrete enough to not look out of place in a living room. It’s also a great option for anyone who needs a desktop PC that they will be traveling with regularly since it would very easily slip into a small backpack or suitcase.

At this price, it’s very easy to recommend. As long as you know not to expect top-end performance from this system, I think many users would be very pleased with this system.

Intel NUC 8 Home – $344.88 delivered