Internet helps photographer track down a Happy Couple

And relax! An online good news story for a change

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It seems the internet world is constantly swept with nastiness and horror stories all the time, especially lately, so it’s nice to be able to bring you the better side of humanity once in a while to help balance it out.

Last Sunday New Yorker Nevona Friedman was biking with her boyfriend from Manhattan to Brooklyn and had hopped off their bikes to walk part of the bridge. It was during this stroll the spotted a woman in white and a man in a suit and realized that a wedding was taking place.

There were no guests, just the couple and the pastor overlooking downtown.

Nevona whipped out her phone and snapped a couple of quick photographs and they went on their way. That night, “as a bit of a joke” Nevona tweeted one of the photos with the caption “If you were getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, I’ve got some photos for you!”

“I figured there are 8 million people, and all I have is a photo,” but the tweet quickly went viral had received over 120,000 Likes and 9,000 retweets.

Not long after, one of the bride’s friends recognized the tattoo on her shoulder and introduced the photographer and bride!

Bride Nikolina Kovalenko explained they couldn’t have friends and family present due to social distancing so had decided to spontaneously get married.

“We thought about what would be symbolic for New York and what would be a beautiful scene in the backdrop, and we thought of the bridge,” Kovalenko says. “We also crossed so many bridges when we were in Patagonia in the mountains, those very shaky bridges hanging over the precipice, and we thought maybe bridges are our thing.”

“When we saw all the reactions from other people and felt all the good energy we thought it was beautiful,” Kovalenko says. And in the middle of a pandemic, they’re happy that their display of love in a trying time has been a symbol of hope and happiness for so many.

“Maybe it helps them to restore their faith in love in some way, or maybe they like seeing that love prevails no matter what is happening around,” she says.

Ahh. See. Nice story. Nice people. Makes the world feel a better place. Have a nice day PC Guide readers!