iOS 15.1 may release shortly, iOS 15.1 RC is out now

iOS 15 public build is going to drop sooner than you'd expect, here's what we know including features and how to get it.

iOS 15.1

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iOS 15.1 has been in beta since the launch of iOS 15 last month, which was more of a knee-jerk reaction to people wanting SharePlay and more than anything else. Slowly but surely, Apple has been releasing beta features and updates throughout September and October whilst plugging some security holes in iOS 15.0.1 and iOS 15.0.2 updates.

The release candidate (final build) of iOS 15.1 is now available to Apple Beta Program testers right now, which means the final public build is right around the corner. According to a couple of sources, iOS 15.1 will be available to the public today.

Twitter user @RobertCFO dropped an e-mail on his feed regarding a product security issue, which was followed by an apple employee (probably accidentally) confirming said issue will be resolved in iOS 15.1 and a software release will be scheduled starting week commencing Monday 25th October. Whoops.

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@RobertCFOs profile currently reads ‘Shutdown at 47k’, which we are assuming means he’s ruffled a few big wigs in the past. He’s also posted the following tweet, once again confirming today’s iOS 15.1 public release:

Macworld seems to be on the same iOS 15.1 wavelength due to not only confirming the release date but updating their story confirming Apple has backed the release date (although no sources have been provided)

What features Are Coming To iOS 15.1?

iOS 15.1 will bring all the features found in its Beta builds to the general public, some of which were supposed to arrive with the vanilla build of iOS 15. Here’s a quick run-down:


That’s right everyone, it’s finally getting a public release. SharePlay allows users to share their audio and video content from their favorite streaming services or local storage via FaceTime. It’s fully synced too, so there’s no need to worry about friends and family keeping up with your stream.

ProRes Support

Were you looking forward to using this cinematic feature when the iPhone 13 Pro and ProMax launched? Well, you’ll finally be able to re-create those cool cinematic experiences found in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max trailers. Just be warned, this feature eats local storage like it’s going out of fashion as many beta testers found in iOS 15 Beta 3.

COVID-19 Vaccination Records

A lot of venues and establishments will require seeing your vaccination records before entry, more so travel organizations such as airlines and coaches. Simply add your records in the health app, which should sync with your local medical authority. This will then return a verified vaccination card to pop into your Apple Wallet, complete with a QR code.

Auto Macro Toggle

This comes in really handy for general shooting thanks to the pro and Pro Mac’s Ultra-Wide camera. The trade-off here is the 2cm minimum focus distance can underperform when taking up-close shots (we know). The good news is that this feature can be switched off for more traditional .5 view macro shots.

How To Download iOS 15.1

once it goes live, an update notification should be pushed to your iPhone. Either tap this or go into Settings > General > Software Update and download the update. iOS 15.1 RC builds have been weighing in between 4GB and 5GB depending on the iPhone model, so make sure your iPhone is on charge and connected to a stable WiFi connection before updating.

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