iPhone 13 Pro Geekbench Performance Leaks

Apple were right about that graphics performance increase

iphone 13 pro geekbench leak

An iPhone 13 Pro prototype spotted on Geekbench has smashed through the metal score of iPhone 12 Pro’s 9123, hitting 14216. The mighty GPU performance of the 5-GPU Core A15 chip has dominated its previous generation equivalent by 5093 points, a 55.83% increase all told.

iPhone 13 Pro Geekbench Performance Leaks

Uploaded a day after the iPhone 13 Pro reveal, this Geekbench data of the iPhone 13 Pro (iPhone 14,2 as listed on Geekbench) delivers on Apple’s promise of “Up to 50% faster graphics performance than any other smartphone chip”.

The iPhone 13 Pro features the upgraded 6-GPU core A15 chip alongside 6GB RAM, making the handset a mobile gaming powerhouse. It’s also worth noting that the upcoming iPad Mini refresh sports the same chip seen in the iPhone 13 Pro, so gaming will be liquid-smooth on there too.

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