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iPhone 14 and iPhone SE 3/Plus release date – everything we know

All the knowledge we have on the latest iPhone iteration
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
iPhone 14 release date
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**Update 08/12/2021**

Ming-Chi-Kuo is at it again with iPhone SE successor rumors this time around. MacRumors have a great knack for getting their hands on investors notes, with the latest one dropping some major iPhone SE3/pro bombs:

We expect Apple to release a new iPhone SE in 2023 with a larger display than the 1H22 SE’s 4.7-inch and 4GB of memory support (vs. 3GB in the 1H22 SE). We predict that Luxshare-ICT will be the NPI supplier for the 2023 iPhone SE.

The display is rumored to be Apple’s last iPhone shipped with an LCD display, however, it will feature a hole-punch front-facing camera instead of the cursed Apple notch. Overall, we’re looking at an iPhone XR-type design rather than anything resembling the current iPhone 13 line.

**Original Story**

It’s hardly surprising that Apple is already preparing for an iPhone 14 release date, their yearly upgrade cycle is key to keeping the iPhone brand fresh in the public consciousness. It’s also key to keeping manufacturing costs down for Apple whilst providing better tech to willing fans.

In fact, we have a better idea than usual about how iPhone 14 and its various iterations will look thanks to a leak by Front Page Techs’ own Jon Prosser. Whilst he’s noted for leaking the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro in July 2021, his leaks can sometimes be a bit iffy when it comes to specs. As usual, take any leaks with a pinch of salt until the real McCoy has been revealed. Here’s a gallery of images below that are reported renders of the iPhone 14 but may be subject to change with them not being an actual iPhone 14 unit:

iPhone 14 release date and pricing

Although it hasn’t been announced, we normally expect iPhone 14 release dates around September time every year. Worst case scenario, you can expect iPhone 14 to be on store shelves before Black Friday 2022 for sure. In terms of pricing, there’s nothing confirmed although we can assume Apple will be following on from their budget to premium offerings as they did with iPhone 13 too. Anywhere between $699 and $1499 is as accurate as we can be right now.

iPhone 14 models and design

It’s safe to say that iPhone 14 will offer various models in its line-up to suit different budgets and tasks. It’s looking like the iPhone 14 Mini might not happen in 2022, with Apple opting for an iPhone 14 Max model with a larger screen and diminished camera specs to keep costs down. The plus side of a bigger phone is a bigger battery capacity, which may make the new iPhone 14 MAx a big deal when it comes to budget-busting. We can also expect Pro and Pro Max models too, although we’re not sure how this will look when it comes down to official announcements and launch day.

That glass and aluminum sandwich don’t quit, will it? Credit: Front Page Tech/Jon Prosser

It’s looking like Apple may be finally going all in for a selfie camera punch-hole instead of the fowl bar taking up precious screen space. With rumblings of Samsung going for an under-screen selfie camera with its next iteration of Galaxy handsets, Apple may go for similar technology to jump ahead of the curve. Under-screen fingerprint ID and Face ID are also rumored to make an appearance. iPhone 14 may feature a complete design overhaul, even though the last four generations of iPhones have more or less looked the same.

iPhone 14 Camera

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is backed up Prossers claims alongside stating iPhone 14 will feature a 48MP camera in its setup. 9to5Mac speculated further on this statement by thinking Apple may use the same ‘four-cell merge output mode’ features seen in some Android smartphone camera setups. This technology takes the raw data captured by a 48MP camera to create a quality 12Mp image with more detail and less noise. Only time will tell, but the render leaks do feature an iPhone 13-esque camera array that is completely sunk into the handset.

Ultimately, we won’t know any concrete information until Apple officially announces the iPhone 14 line next fall. Until then, bookmark and keep checking on our iOS and News hubs for all the latest.

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