Is Facebook Down Today?

Up and down, up and down. Facebook continues to yo-yo on and off as its bad week continues

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It never rains if you are Facebook at the moment but it looks as though there has been a further Gremlin in Facebook’s works as, for some people at least, accessing the world’s favorite social network was once impossible, although matters seem to be mended now.

The company acknowledged the problem in a tweet but as you can see from the graph below, the spike in people having trouble was severe but not for as long as last time.

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The issue, and it seems to be related to a config change as per the larger problem they suffered last week, but what Facebook is suggesting was completely unrelated, appears to be fixed at this stage. But once again all of Facebook’s services, including Instagram appear to have been affected.

Is Facebook Down Again?

Data from DownDectector
Data from DownDectector

Even though the outage was for a much shorter period of time, it once again brings into focus, in a very bad week for Mark Zuckerberg and co, our reliance on using social networks for communication, and the issues it causes when they suddenly go dark.

We will update this story further if more information comes to light.