Google Analytics Down: Has the data-rich platform been hit offline?

Has your favorite analytics platform had the Grand Old Duke of York treatment?

is google analytics down

Analytics is one product from Google that almost all website owners use to monitor their website’s traffic, using it to potentially mould content for future posts or to make those small changes to increase page view time. 

Being a Google product, due to the immense amount of servers the tech giant has under its control, Analytics rarely, if ever, goes offline. However, today, it’s looking like one of those blue moon occasions seems to be taking place.

Is Google Analytics Down?

According to DownDetector, it looks like there have been a plethora of reports stating that Google Analytics is, in fact, having some issues.

google analytics down

It appears that Google Analytics isn’t fully ‘down’ as you can access the well-used feature but, the main issue is that no data is displaying, especially when trying to view real-time page views.

We expect this to just be a blip and Google Analytics will be back online momentarily so you can get back to staring at your website’s live viewers as quickly as possible.

We’ll continue to monitor this situation at PC Guide and provide any updates as and when they become necessary.

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