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Is Sparklight experiencing outages? Here’s everything we know

Not a good time to be a Sparklight customer
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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This day in age, you have probably tried and tested a bunch of different broadband providers all with differing success. What remains constant, however, is the shortcomings that companies of this ilk have, particularly in actually keeping their services running for all customers, at all times.

If you’re a Sparklight customer, your turn to experience issues seems to be today with outage reports across the US surfacing. Below, we’ll be providing you with all the details we have on Sparklight and when you can expect to receive your internet connection back.

Is Sparklight down?

According to both Downdetector and the plethora of outraged customers taking up their pitchforks on social media platforms, it does appear that Sparklight is down for the masses. A lot of reports, however, are coming out of Idaho so it appears that this state is the one with the most concentrated number of issues.

These Sparklight problems appear to be for their broadband services only and their TV platform looks like it’s working for now. This could change though, especially if the core of the complications is deep-rooted.

Currently, there has been no communication from Sparklight in regards to these outages but they do tend to respond to customers on Twitter as and when they’re fully aware of problems so we expect this to occur in due course.

As and when we receive word from Sparklight as to when to expect services to be back up and running as normal, we’ll update this article with all the relevant information. Unfortunately though, until that time comes, it’s a waiting game to get that all-important internet connection flowing.

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