Latest Fanatical Bundle offers 8 very positively games for $3.99

A selection of games all rated “Very Positive” on Steam user reviews available at a generous discount

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Fanatical has got eight games available for just a few dollars, as the “Very Positive Bundle 2” is now available for a limited time. Each game included in this bundle has been rated as “very positive” by the users of Steam, with an average user rating of 86% across the bundle. There’s some great games included here, and an interesting mix of genres for me.

For me, the two headline titles are Pathologic Classic HD and Cosmic Star Heroine.

Pathologic is an extremely creepy survival horror game that could only really have been developed in Russia. This was originally released back in 2005, but this is the new remastered release from 2015, which offered enhanced graphics and performance, some significant bug fixes, and quite a bit of work to improve and polish the English translation work. It’s perhaps particularly poignant these days, as it tells the story of a deadly disease threatening to wipe out the population of a small town, and turning them against each other. Medicine is a precious resource, and there’s not enough going around to cure everyone, so tough decisions are going to have to be made. It’s not for the faint of heart, but players that enjoy psychological horror should certainly check this out.

Cosmic Star Heroine is an RPG from studio Zeboyd games, who have worked on a variety of RPGs heavily inspired by the classic Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, with somewhat comedic sensibilities and creative battle and character progression systems. This is perhaps their most ambitious game to date, taking clear direct inspiration from Chrono Trigger’s overworld and battle system, and stepping the production values up a notch from their previous work. There’s a lot of the elements you’ll love if you have any nostalgia for classic JRPGs, and plenty of modern design elements to offer something new for veterans of those older titles.

The full lineup of games includes is:

Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation

Cosmic Star Heroine

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Pathologic Classic HD


Shelter 2

Tesla vs Lovecraft

The Age of DecadenceAll of these games come as keys to activate on Steam, and can be yours from Fanatical now for just $3.99.

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